A new blog? Absolutely! I have a travel/adventure blog starting!

I realize that my life now is very separate from when this blog started. This blog basically chronicles my life as I learned the dirty, grimy, skeevy, cesspit that is the world of politics. And learn I did! I learned so much, I was disgusted.

Politics in the United States is filled with corruption and sociopaths.

Despite what I may have thought, turns out, I’m not really a sociopath, so I don’t want to “play in politics” these days.

I have long since given up on the hope of “changing the system from within”. Instead, I have decided to live my life in the most free way that I possibly can!

How does one live free in the United States you may ask. One doesn’t. I am living free in Acapulco though! And I absolutely LOVE it!

So, I bought a new domain. AcapulcoAngel.com. Right now, there’s nothing there. But I’ll be popping up a personal blog there. The life of a new expat, my random adventures, learning the language, having a new wardrobe made (since I lost 50 pounds), how I moved here with $500, making money, starting businesses, the whale watching, cliff diving, hiking through the mountains, all of it. Pictures, videos, recipes, articles, all that jazz.

I’ve been wanting to kind of pull something together, but I realize this is not the space for that. These two sites should be separated. I am no longer Sussex County Angel.

So, I’ll post on here maybe sometimes, most likely leave this blog up, and I guess take it from there! Once I get the new blog up, I’ll share the subscribe info (probably) and leave it at that!

In other words, I wish all of you the best, but I SO excited about this next new chapter in my life!

And yes, the Angel Clark Show will still be on the air, just from a studio that has a view like this!