Angel CLark’s response

I might add, I really liked what Elbert Collins sent to Jud… simple common sense shouldn’t be that hard to exercise here…


The Sussex County Community Organized Regiment (SCCOR) has never claimed to agree with the “popular” viewpoints held in America today.  While SCCOR has maintained a nonpartisan role that simply means SCCOR does not refuse membership based upon political affiliation.  That being said, it is important for a group to have a stance.  It is said, “A man who stands for nothing, falls for anything.”


As an active SCCOR member, I disagree with what Ms. Dixie Boucher has to say about SCCOR “refusing to discuss or debate with an open mind“, however, I will not have an open mind when it comes to the nationalization of healthcare and will do everything in my power to prevent said issue from becoming a reality.  One might say that there are times where it is necessary to take a stance and not budge on it. But, since I personally have reached the ripe age of 25, I must have “reach(ed) a certain age and … close(d) their minds, no longer listening, learning, changing or adapting to new information or viewpoints that often have merit to them.”


I had a chance to review the questions that were presented by the audience at the SCCOR debate on Tuesday, July 7, 2009.  Enclosed is a list of the questions that were presented for anyone that would like to review them.  These are the questions as they were written.  Please keep in mind, there were time constraints.  Also, several questions were aimed directly at Mr. Joe Booth, and therefore would not have been fair to ask both candidates. 

Personally, I have been quite pleased with SCCOR, as well as with all SCCOR members have helped me accomplish.  It is pleasing to know I’m not the only person concerned and willing to act.
Angel Clark

audience questions received at 7.7.09 forum


Property Rights

The state continues, through legislation and regulations, to take away the rights of property owners (to do with what they wish with those lands. What is your stance on personal property rights and what will you do to restore rights that have been stripped away?


Where do you each stand on Property Rights? If one person owns a home where he lives and which is his most valuable property, and another person a piece of land with trees and grass on it, both own property: do they have equal property rights under the law and in your judgment?



Loyalty to constituents

          If 70-80% of your constituents tell you that they want something    but you believe the opposite, what would you do?



A) The governor summarily dismissed having state workers go to a four day, 40 hour work week to reduce the cost of government.

The governor and state legislature of Utah passed this exact same legislation and it has reduced their costs markedly

Will you propose such legislation?


B) State accepted $260 million of stimulus money that is not guaranteed for next year. What is your plan to be able to balance the budget without this money while reducing the size of government or raising taxes? Patricia Anderson


C) Markell stated in a letter to state employees that he realized that the current 2.5% reduction in state employee pay was not enough for a long term solution. What is you position on a long term solution to the size of government? Patricia Anderson


D) What is the economic outlook for the Delaware budget over the next two-three years?



Joe Booth

          A) On your watch as a representative,

1) How can you justify/explain running the $800 million deficit in this small state?

2) What will you do different as a senator to see this never happens again?

3) Will you sponsor an amendment to the Delaware constitution requiring no budget deficits?



          B) Sadly, you sponsored the recreational salt water fishing license tax. The only thing I’ve read about this outrageous tax is that it brought in $1.4 million but I and my friends have seen no benefits.

What did we get for our money? Do you have any regrets about sponsoring this tax bill? Would you consider sponsoring a bill to abrogate or rescind this abusive tax?



C) Joe booth was recently quoted in the Cape Gazette to say something to the effect that, although casinos have immoral implications, he would vote to allow Del Point because it would bring jobs to Sussex County.  Since it brings so much money to Kent and New Castle Counties, we should have it here, too.

So where do we stop allowing immoral activity so the government will make money?



D) What happened at the end of the legislative session was embarrassing. The Democrats didn’t have the desire to really make cuts in the budget, and the Republicans didn’t have the courage. Tax increases and fee increases followed. As Republicans, we could have hung that around the necks of the Democrats, except that they couldn’t have done it without Republican help.

          Mr. Booth, are you willing to stand up and denounce the back room deals that allowed the dems to raise our taxes instead of making real cuts?


          E) Joe, if DELDOT is spending $50 million a year on outside consultants, why did you vote to give DELDOT the largest tax increase in the state’s history, doubling our tag fees,  license fees and increasing the tax on buying a car to 3.75% (i.e., for a $30,000 car, $1125 in taxes.



          Should legislators have term limits? If so, how many years?



          A) For Parker: For many years, the man whose seat you have to fill stood fast against the creeping homosexual agenda. When the issue of homosexual marriage comes before you, will you vote for or against it?


          B) The recently passed SB121 includes sexual orientation within existing discrimination laws. Are you in favor of protective rights being extended to gays and lesbians?



          Do any of you have plans to introduce 10th Amendment legislation as 35 states have already done?



          What is your position on gun control?




          A) According to FAIR, Illegal immigration is costing the state of Delaware $65 million in 2006, $112 million in 2010 and $196 million in 2020. With the budget crisis being what it is, what will you do to stop these unnecessary expenditures?


          B) With this health care program, how can this program pay for the 12,000,000 that come in from Mexico through the back door?



          A) Are you in favor of school vouchers? (It would save millions.)


          B) State or county school system: get rid of all the superintendents and have just one over the entire school system.


          C) What are your views on having one school district in Sussex?



          A) Joe, do you think that Ed Parker dropping out was a ploy by the Democrats to see who the Republicans would pick so they could readjust their candidate pick?


          B) Will you be continuing the arbitrary “desk drawer veto” as was Senator Adams’s forte?


          C) I am very concerned about the quality of life in Sussex County, Especially the growth by Nassau Vineyards with NO 5 points overpass.

And finally, the racing sounds like it has been rubber-stamped?


          D) Ed Parker: Do you consider yourself to be what is known as a “blue dog democrat?” If yes, briefly explain why.



          When are we enforcing the law on cell phone usage when driving?

          We need to enforce people not using signal lights when driving.


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  1. You wrote:
    I really liked what Elbert Collins sent to Jud
    Thanks. She plucked my nerves so I just had to write a response.


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