Dixie Boucher’s SCCOR comments…

I have read about, listen on the radio to and watched on TV about SCCOR and I decided to find out for myself what they were all about.  I believe the problem with most organizations and political groups is that they are too focused.  They zero in on one side of an issue, and refuse to discuss or debate with an open mind, preventing them from altering or changing their viewpoint even a little.  That is why they become ineffective and things never seem to change.  People reach a certain age and seem to close their minds, no longer listening, learning, changing or adapting to new information or viewpoints that often have merit to them.

I would consider myself a conservative by nature, but that does not limit my ability to listen, and learn.  I had heard much about SCCOR and decided to go to the debate Tuesday to see what this group was all about and at the same time learn about the candidates running for Sen. Adams seat.  To be honest, based on what I had already heard from some of their people, I was hoping I was wrong about them.  I wasn’t.
What I found out is that they have a narrow point of view in their world of politics.  There does not appear to be any room for a difference of opinion, a different point of view, or a slight variation of any kind and I was very disappointed. 
At the end of the “debate” between the  Republican candidate and the Libertarian candidate, the moderator said they had two questions regarding “Property Rights”.  He then proceeded to present their “party line question” not the one that went into a different aspect of property rights that would have given another aspect of the issue and perhaps caused the people there and the candidates themselves to think about the “complete issue”.  How do I know?  I wrote the other question.  They chose to play it safe to stick to their narrow point of view, not to discuss, not to listen, not to see another aspect, not to debate, but to take the hard “party” line. 
They are another, “my way or the highway” group and while I do agree with them on some issues, if they refuse to discuss everything on the table, they will be ineffective. The law of life and nature is when you stop learning and growing, you die, so will SCCOR if they don’t open their minds up.
Dixie Boucher, a Lewes resident and registered voter.

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