An e-mail from Coast-to-coast (Jud)

I was sent this e-mail by the author, who obviously reads Jud’s e-mails.  I think it’s funny that it was not sent out (he normally send out like 5 a day).  I was pretty glad to get it though, I was starting to feel like I was wrong and not the stimulus package…


Dear Jud,

I agree with SCCOR.  The way that much of the stimulus money is being used creates only short term growth in jobs.  What happens in two years when the money runs out?  Instead, the stimulus money should have been used to invest in new industries and projects that will create sustainable growth for the long term future.


Of course DelDOT has to defend its position and they have done nothing wrong.  If money is being given out Delaware should get its fair share.  Unfortunately, because of the short term horizon many projects that would have made more sense were not ready to go so DelDOT had to do the best they could given the rules of the game.  That however, does not make it okay to spend billions of taxpayer dollars

for projects that are being done to keep people temporarily employed.  Future generations will not look kindly on this administration when their taxes keep going up. I think this is the point that SCCOR is trying to make and rightfully so.


I do not belong to SCCOR and have no affiliation with them, but I am glad that some one is out there saying stop spending our taxpayer money on projects that will not solve the problem it was meant to solve.


One thought on “An e-mail from Coast-to-coast (Jud)

  1. I sent a reply too. I basically said that y’all were not protesting deldot, you were protesting the stimulus waste and deldot was an example.



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