Jud Bennett reduces e-mails

In the interest of Judson Bennett reducing the number of e-mails he is sending out (I am still getting about 5-10 a day from him), he copied and pasted a few comments from the 122 e-mails he received in regards to the SCCOR protest. 


Here’s what I noticed:

He never said how many people were for or against the protest, just that he was sent a lot of e-mails about it.

He listed 5 cons to 3 pros (objectively of course)

I want to comment on a few things people said, but instead I think I’ll remain objective as well.  It’s pretty obvious that anyone who agrees with SCCOR will go out of their way to attend.  Anyone who thinks stimulus money is great will not get their mind changed by me.  I have been suprised lately by the number of people who were unaware that the boardwalk is being funded by stimulus money. 

As I read the e-mail Jud sent out, I couldn’t help but laugh as one writer commented that little children fall over nails which are sticking out of the boardwalk all the time.

Who here has ever seen a child fall over their own feet?  I have.  It’s funny to read that someone thinks every child that falls on the boardwalk does so over nails and not their own excitement. 

If the boardwalk was in really bad condition, wouldn’t there be more bike accidents there?


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