Mike Castle & the birth certificate craze



The now infamous town hall meeting video…  Sussex County gives Castle a rousing cat call to let him know how we feel about Obama’s birth certificate (is this how YOU feel?).  The video (as of now) has had over 500,000 hits on you tube. 





Lou Dobbs takes up the birth certificate … cause …




This is where I heard about it (my husband heard the show)



That being said, here is the official Angel Take.  

This video is showing people how Delawareans act.  Now, what do people see here? People upset, yelling, booing, getting angry, but to calm them down saying the Pledge.  I salute the people that were able to attend this “town hall” meeting, and I’m glad Castle was … put in his place.  

I’m hoping he won’t run again (of course, if he does he’ll play the sympathetic card and run Democrat).

I will not say anything about the woman who stood up in this crowd, all the locals know who she is, and many have an opinion about her from hearing her call WGMD.

I googled this and saw nothing but blogs (basically) discussing this video.

I love the attention it’s getting and I love people thinking of Delawareans as a group of angry activists.

Hopefully this video will incite locals to action.  Maybe we can get some of these people (including the half a million who have watched the video) to come to our protest, or check out www.sccor.org to see how some people try to constructively use their time.

We have Savage on right now, and while I may not agree with him, or like him very much, I agree with his freedom of speech take because of his recent ban.  

This is simply a dedicated woman who sees angels and really believes if the birth certificate issue is researched our presidency will change hands.

Considering the changes being made in our government and country right now, I wish it was that easy of a fix.





I would like to add, while I may take a side stance on the birth certificate issue, as I feel it’s too late to do anything now whether I believe it or not, I thought it was deliciously ironic to see on the side when I googled “castle birth certificate” available at www.usbirthcertificate.com has official, certified birth certificates delivered in 2-3 days.


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