Polly Adams Mervine (my opinion)

If you go to the “Polly Adams Mervine for Senate” web page you can read her five stances on the issues.  I will refrain from mentioning here that every other candidate has told the voters how they stand on many issues, not simply giving vague ideas covering as little as possible.  I want to talk about her platform, or, as her web page called it, “the issues“.  (I am paraphrasing her stances from her web page, but I’m not adding anything to them)

1. We (great, proud, traditional Delawarean) must continue having a balanced budget WITHOUT raising taxes.  There are a few things I want to mention about this statement.  Did I hear this year that Delaware was dealing with a deficit in the hundreds of millions of dollars? That the tradition Delaware had held on to was historically broken?  I realize that no one comes into a political race announcing they plan on raising taxes.  If Polly is saying we need to have a balanced budget in order for her not to push for tax increases, then I see that as her saying she sees no way for her to not raise taxes (unless she’s better with a calculator then everyone already employed by the state).

2. We must strive for a smaller state government.  What I get from this is regardless of the recent state employee pay cuts, she wants to cut jobs (maybe that’s how she plans to balance the budget).

3. Support small businesses and farmers in Delaware.  This I see as a space filler.  Of course we want to support farmers and small businesses, especially since the district she is running in has a lot of farmers.  I once again know no one that runs for office on a platform of alienating and destroying small business owners.

4. We must work hard to bring new businesses to Delaware.  I was unaware that the state had pushed a “no new business” stance previously.  I was actually under the impression that Delaware state government has tried to encourage people to move to Delaware.

5. I will strive to improve our schools.  I realize Delaware has a problem with state spending related to state test scores.  This state has an education problem.  This has been discussed by many in the past, and will continue to be discussed by many in the future.

Polly Adams Mervine has taken a firm stance on the issues.  I find it hard to find anyone that will disagree with a single point mainly because it’s all filler.  I have read her entire web page and still do not know her any better.  I do know she was the third runner up for Mrs. Delaware in 2007.  I have learned she has a faux finishing business, “Fauxbulous Fx, Inc.”, but on that company web site she doesn’t have the “Adams” included in her name. 

My opinion, after reading the platforms of some of the other people running (most notably Matthew Opaliski at www.opaliskicampaign.com and Wendy Jones at www.delawareliberty.com) I think Polly Adams Mervine is trying to run on name only.  She has gone door-to-door while campaigning and mentioned her father, “getting tears in her eyes”.  I sympathise with her greatly on the loss of her father, but I don’t feel she is capable of living up to his name.  My vote is going to someone who isn’t afraid of telling me how they feel.


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