The day creeps closer and closer

The greatly anticipated election date is coming close.  In my book, this is as exciting as the latest Harry Potter release date.  Here’s how I feel, and I hope people have picked up on it.  As much as I hate to say it, the Democratic candidate is worthless.  The Republican candidate has a majority of the votes right now.

Does anyone know why?  I will tell you, right here, right now.  Are you ready?  Lean close, I’ll whisper this one for you.

No one wants to throw away their vote.  If more people cared less about throwing away their vote, but instead paid attention to voting how they feel, better candidates would win.  This country is set up to support a 2 party system, but guess what, sometimes, a main candidate is not the best candidate to represent you.  You know, here, I agree with DE Libertarian candidate Wendy Jones, If you vote from the heart, it’s not throwing your vote away.

The way I see it, if I have to look myself in the mirror everyday, I had better like what I’m seeing.  In order to like what I’m seeing, I had better vote everytime I legally can for the candidate that best represents me.

Did I vote for Obama? NO.  Did I vote for McCain? NO. Did I vote? YES.  Whether my candidate won or not, I did what I felt was best for self and country.

Thats what matters…


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