7/30 debates (EVERYONE stayed!)

I would like to keep this relatively short and sweet. 

My first statement, obviously, is the fact that Mervine actually came and stayed for the whole debate.  However, listening to her speak, I realized, was exactly like webpage.  There was not a single relevent fact that popped out of her pretty little head.  She actually said she could get more accomplished because she’d be a member of the majority.  I’M NOT HAPPY WITH THE MAJORITY.  THAT IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF.

Wendy Jones even told her at one point that she didn’t answer a question.  I loved that.

Joe Booth said, at one point, he helped Del Pointe people plan their race track… COME ON PEOPLE.  How many chances has he had to prove to us he can do it right?  How many more does he need?  Does he think that if he sides against the majority when he knows it makes no difference, we’ll pay attention to that instead of the cases where his vote if the significant one, and he sides againt his constituents?

I will happily throw my vote away to vote for a candidate who represents me.  If enough people do that, it’s NOT a throw away, funny how that math works, huh, how you can actually get people into office by voting based on platforms, and not major party lines.

That quick bit being said, SCCOR meeting tonight featured Rich Collins of the PGA… don’t even get me started on that…



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