Let me tell you about PROTESTS

So today was the SCCOR protest in Rehoboth.  As many of you know, we were protesting the Boardwalk being built with stimulus monies.  I will add a note, the weather was horrible, the rain was intense, there was bad wind, and the traffic was bad.  That being said, because of bad weather, do they stop printing money?  Because of bad weather, do they stop bail outs?  Have they stopped controlling the media because of the weather?  NO THEY DON’T.

Here was the part that made me angry.  SCCOR’s members are mainly against the stimulus package.  Many claimed they would be attending the protest.  Many did not come.  The weather and traffic I’m sure stopped them, but that doesn’t change the fact that the libertarian candidate for the 19th district special senate election, Wendy Jones, from showing up with her “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.  Not only is the election tomorrow, but it’s also her birthday.  Yet she took hours out of her way to come to our protest. THANK YOU WENDY.

So I can honestly say there was more media at the protest then acting participants.  On the other hand, I had some great conversations and a sign that asked “Was Your Vacation Worth 7 Million?”  I had fun, but wished there were more people there.  If people want to change things, showing up regardless of weather is important.  I, on the other hand, can proudly say that weather will not stop me from acting and speaking out.  The people that were there, obviously felt the same way. 

When you hear about the protest in the news, remember, those dedicated people like Wendy Jones, who show up regardless of anything else, including elections and back surgery the next day, who will fight to make this country better for your family’s future.



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