Where have YOU been?

Well, first, I guess I’ll say where I haven’t been.  I haven’t been to a world series game, and, unfortunately won’t be watching the Phillies DESTROY the Yankees as they should have.  Unstead I watched bad management decisions lead to a horrifying loss.  I didn’t get the chance to go to DC on Thursday (school) and can’t make it to Dover today (work), but I guess you could say I’ll be there in spirit…

Everyone has been talking about so many things… the elections on Tuesday (it’s about time people woke up), the unemployment rate reaching 10.2 (guess I’m lucky I still have a job), but what gets to me is the violence this week.  That serial killer was just, well, I guess I’ll know more when the documentary hits the web in a week or two… The Fort Hood incident, COME ON BUDDY, are you serious.  Why can’t people like that commit suicide and not make arabs look even worse … dedicated muslim … what a load.  Then, yesterday …

I guess sometimes, you wish you could just have not heard about a story and make it disappear…

My internet is in & out sometimes, and this past week was a dark time for that…  More will come (hopefully) after I get off work



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