Misplaced Anger

I was so upset last night when the news came out.  I focused on what we had done wrong to let our representatives think this was ok. 

I was unable to go to the protests this week and had some internet issues, but throughout this whole ordeal, I have been callingpeople, e-mailing people, writing letters, holding signs, sending pinkslips, and anything else I could think of.  Last night, after it was announced that this health care bill had passed, I will admit it, at first I was in shock, and then I lashed out in anger towards anyone who could possibly hate us enough to do this.  Man, did I send the AARP a scathing letter (of course, as I am only 25, it’ll be a LONG time before I’m anywhere near old enough to use that).  But I digress.

After some contemplation time, THIS is what I realized.

Why would these people rush to pass this bill, one that eliminates a majority of abortion care.  What was it that was said, why take one step forward if you have to take 2 steps back?  Of course, thats vague wording for a quote I barely know, but it seems to me that some common sense is severly lacking here.  Then I figured it out.


What are you talking about?  They are scared?  Have you seen the majority we have?  That’s crazy talk…

Well, I don’t think it is.  After the election on Tuesday, I think that it was realized that we have awakened.  I think the American people let themselves be heard in a way that scares the Congress most.  Informed people voted and this simple concept flooded the minds of the people up for re-election. (In my opinion) They realized they had better get whatever they want done now, as fast as possible, whether it’s shoved down our throats or not, because they know they will not get the chance to again.

So despite my original feelings of failure on this, I really feel this was a bad move on their parts.  The average Democrat, having had to give grounds on abortion, will not be pleased.  The average Republican, having had to give grounds about the public option, will not be pleased.  The average Libertarian, having had to give the goverrnment even more control, will not be pleased.

Smile now, oh yea light of heart.  2010 is coming.  And to those of us who have worked hard and are excited about 2010, I say, keep up the good work.  They will soon be out for the count, and it will be up to us to vote in people who know how to READ the bills presented before them, no matter how large they are.


5 thoughts on “Misplaced Anger

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Angel. As PO’d as I was last night I truly believe that a movement of patriots gaining in momentum just got a shot of adrenalin that will keep us from becoming complacent. It will keep the fire of resistance burning into 2010 and hopefully 2012 as well. We must not let up. Our lives as Americans (as we have known them) are at stake. We want our country back and we won’t take no for an answer!


  2. Angel, We have to keep up the fight against this congress and senate that is hell bent on keeping the american public under their thumb. it is all about control. soon the senate will be trying to jam their version of this bill down our throats. we must keep the protest alive by continueing to march on the capital, email and call all senators and especially let the know that their jobs are in jeopardy and that We THE People are not going to take this anymore! you are right, 2010 and 2012 are right around the corner! our rights and constitution must stand strong by GOD we are going to defend them and keep us from tyranny!


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