Me on CNN? Who would have thought…

So I had an interesting experience this week.  I was contacted by CNN for an interview because of the protest I organized this summer regarding the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk being rebuilt with stimulus money.  To be more precise with a final amount of 5.5 million dollars of federal stimulus money.  It seems CNN had been studying the different stimulus programs throughout the country and the Rehoboth project is listed as one of the most wasteful in the country.

My initial response was one of, well, worry.  Knowing the backing most of the mainstream media has given to anything the current presidential administration has done I assumed I would be on the defensive during the whole interview, justifying my opinion and what I consider to be the opinion of a majority of my fellow “tea party patriots”.  I was not given very much notice so spent the weekend brushing up on my facts regarding the various aspects of Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Phase II and Phase III.  (many thanks to my friends who helped me by sending me information, I learned some new facts from you guys which surprised CNN).

When I arrived at the interview site, which was directly in front of the construction crew working on the boardwalk, I was enthusiastically greeted by Sara and Christine, as well as the Dolphins fan camera man.  As an Eagles fan I was so distracted by his hat I lost his name somewhere in the recesses of my mind, as horrible as that is to admit.  They were completely surprised by my age as well as being a Democrat and spent a long time discussing with my why I became politically active.

Prepared for anger, I was on my guard.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that the group had just come from the infamous West Rehoboth (which “only” received $130,000 in stimulus money) and considered the Boardwalk project to be a waste.  The way the questions were worded, I felt that they actually agreed with me.

I do understand that these people are professionals and most likely wanted me to feel disarmed, but if that’s the case they did their job well.  When I finished the interview I felt good, and slightly confident.  I am hoping that when I view the airing of the segment I will have represented the 9/12 Delaware Patriots well, as well as other groups which are against massive amounts of government spending.  The editing of the interview may make me look foolish, but I can honestly say I did my best, was well prepared, and tried to ensure CNN was aware of the fact that not all of the state of Delaware is complacent.

So all in all I think, or should I say hope, I did well.  I am looking forward to the airing of my segment, which will be most likely on Thursday, January 21st.  I am still unsure of the exact time and will make sure everyone knows when I know.  I hope, when you watch it, you feel I represented you well.


4 thoughts on “Me on CNN? Who would have thought…

  1. I think we can say they’ve already written the story. You just confirmed the starting premise. So much for media open-mindedness. On the other hand, this is a rare moment where the story wasn’t already written against sensible Americans. Some in the media are catching on and, I would imagine, looking for a Mea Cupla following media efforts to work as appendages to Obama’s Presidential campaign.


  2. Way to go Angel…God bless you for your courage and tenacity. I look forward to seeing the segment. Here’s hoping they CAN’T edit it to use against “we the people”.


  3. Angel, You are the greatest! Very proud of you, and also proud to have stood there with you this summer. You never get it done if you are not willing to stand up for that which you believe!


  4. As many others I will be looking forward to watch your interview on CNN. Your willingness to stand up,speak out represents the Patriotic Spirit we all feel and share. By doing so you demonstrated that we of the “grassroots” movement accept our responsibility as citizens,good job.


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