My recent letter to the editor and other opinions

Well, it has been a long week for all of us.  A long few weeks actually.  Quick comments before I get to the heavy stuff.

I hope you all had the chance to hear me on the Rush Limbaugh program.  My husband claims it doesn’t count because it was with Mark Steyn it doesn’t count 🙂  Let me add, I was actually really nervous throughout the conversation.  I am normally very casual with things of that nature but it was such a … large audience that it was intimidating.  I have been told that I did well, and I greatly appreciate everyone’s support and comments about it.  I love Bill Colley for recording it for me!  He was so great for doing that.

My CNN interview… well, I was told they made me appear like the bad guy because I was against the package that helped a broke lady get her bathtub fixed.  I don’t really care about that.  I was also told that it took courage to show that interview to the world.  Let me say this.  They did not change the basics of my message.  They did take a 30 minute interview and cut it down to about 5 seconds, but that’s OK.  I was pleased to be on the show and as an … “extremist” I am used to being portrayed in a negative light.  I was glad to be on the show and glad that some spotlight was shown to Rehoboth.  I was also glad that it was shown that there was a resistance in Rehoboth, no matter how small.

Storm days were fun for me, but I had power the whole time.  My internet, however, was another story.  My husband and I went out (walking) in the storm and helped get stuck people out.  We had fun shoveling and enjoyed walking in a whiteout.  That being said, I’m over winter…

I saw a picture of the Governor  stood on the back of a car with a megaphone… COME ON PEOPLE.  There were like 40 people there.  When thousands of angry “extremists” get out there where is Markell with his megaphone?  In Europe… Maybe we should start throwing shoes.

Lastly, here is a letter that I am sending out to media and representatives.  I am sick and tired of seeing that building there with it’s creepy statues and toys.  I would ask that is anyone has an email of someone they think should receive this letter, send it to them.  Copy and paste if you must but I say we get our message across.  I highly doubt anyone can disagree with this one, but, if you do, let me know…

As I drive down Route 1 on a regular basis I have something I would like to bring to people’s attention.  I am sure many local people have noticed this same issue and also have the same problem I would like to address.  This issue has been one that has plagued our community lately.  The families whose trust was betrayed, Sussex County, and even the state of Delaware will never be able to heal until this issue is resolved.

The building Earl Bradley occupied sits there, dormant, yet still haunting people every time they drive past.  That building was designed to draw attention and make children want to go there.  Even now, covered in snow, that building and its … toys seem highlighted.  We get a lot of tourists through here and even though they may not know the situation I am sure they would recognize the building.  The old Volkswagen with its bright yellow and black draws the eye.  The statue on the roof of children playing seems like an eerie memorial to his victims.

My appeal is this.  I understand that the building most likely cannot be destroyed however much I wish that it would be.  Bradley is in prison and will hopefully be there for the rest of his life.  Why do the people whose lives he damaged and possibly destroyed have to see his monument to children outside the office on a daily basis?  Can no one take down those toys, cars, swings, statues, and signs?  It is hard enough knowing the building is there without having these massive eye sores which seem to make you pay attention to it.  This building is directly off of a major highway.  It seems likely that some of the people most hurt by this man have to see his distractions on a regular basis.

I urge the town of Lewes as well as the Bradley family and other city and state officials to do something about this building as fast as they can.  How can we be expected to heal and move on when we have to stare at a perverted mans ode to children every day?

Thank you for your time,

Angel Clark

Rehoboth Beach, DE

So, enjoy the snow, check out the beach, help a neighbor, and Happy Valentine’s Day as well as the … observance of Washington’s birthday.


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