The Future is …

So I have been listening to some interesting conversations lately, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I have heard people discussing the state of America, and how it has gotten to the point where it is.  I heard it said that hard-working, intelligent Americans are no longer the majority.  A majority of American citizens expect the government to give them handouts while taxes go down.  Maybe Americans no longer understand the basic rules of give and take.  If you are given more that means it has been taken from someone else, and chances are that other person worked pretty hard for it.

I have heard it said that a good president would be someone that firmly grasped fiscal policies.  A good president would be someone that understood economics.  A savvy business man/woman would be a better president than a community organizer.

I have heard it said that success does not happen in a generation.  Parents will work hard and sacrifice, obtain a college education or start a business, master a trade.  They will scrimp and save in order to provide a healthy and happy life for their children, children who will then learn the value of a dollar and an education.  Children who will learn the value of a home and a business.

It seems to me these concepts are fading away.  Unfortunately, my generation appears to think money given from the government is the same as money worked for.  They filled out the papers, that was work.  They had the children, that was work.  Now there are exceptions to the rule, there are people, especially now, who have tried to work and due to economic issues cannot get by without government help.  As I talk to people my age many make me saddened to think of the future.

Unless things change I see America heading deeper and deeper into debt, her people using outsourced labor and outsourced technology.  Soon other countries will demand payment on their debt and America will be unable to deliver.  The country our ancestors knew slowly fades and sometimes it feels too late to save her.  This may still be the country of dreams, but soon it will be the country of nightmares.


One thought on “The Future is …

  1. “As I talk to people my age many make me saddened to think of the future.”

    Amen to that. Given the mentality of the younger generation, I fear to think of what the next generation will be like.


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