Just an update to the Roll Call

I just want to draw your attention to some fantastic sites that I have discovered.  Some of these have been linked to my page for a little while, but I neglected to actually draw your attention to them.  If you want to know what I am reading, this might be a good place to start.

Starting off, for a great read, is Slavens Says.  Meet Chris Slavens, a fantastic writer who actually stays on top of the issues.  If you regularly read the news, chances are you’ll know what he’s talking about.

Next, let’s draw your attention to Delmarva’s Center Right.  Now, the “about the author” page is blank on this blog, but I’ll let you in on a secret.  It’s written by Bryan Shupe.  Bryan is very active in the Republican party and stays informed with the latest news stories.  He stays pretty informed of the national issues.

Recently brought to my attention is Wangen for Congress.  I LOVE the fact that a candidate for Congress is blogging.  It kind of makes it impossible to not understand their platform.  Everything he stands for is emphasized in his writing, and I recommend checking the page regularly.  The blogs are short, sweet, and hard to misinterpret.

Not to leave out Earl Lofland.  This page has links to all his gear as well as statements.  Earl is currently dealing with registration issues regarding Markell’s attempt to cut them off the ballot.  Read more here about how you can switch your registration to the Constitution Party in an effort to stop the controlling and blocking of the ballot.

Doug Campbell and Glen Urquhart (I don’t want to leave out anyone running) have websites as well.  Doug is always sharing fantastic information on his.

Now, an interesting side note, I have recently started writing for Delaware Politics and the Examiner.  You’ll be able to read my work at both sites.  Some things I publish will be on one site or the other and not on here, so try to check them regularly.

Lastly, a friend of mine has been working hard at losing weight.  He has lost 90lbs to date and is continuing to watch the weight drop.  In this day of failed diets and fad diets, he has decided to start a blog telling people the programs he uses and chronicling his journey.  I have a feeling this is going to be well worth the read, so I highly recommend checking out Second Chances Don’t Weight.  Not only does he give great advice, but I feel the support factor is also a big issue.  Help him and help yourself at the same time.

So, check these sites out.  Watch the news, and since I can’t NOT be bossy.  Here’s the quick deal.

Gov. Chris Gregoire doesn’t like Washington state’s decision to sue over the healthcare bill. Call her here and let her know THE PEOPLE agree – 360-902-4111

Remember, LG Peter Kinder wants to join the suit. Call Missouri’s AG Chris Koster and tell them to sue TODAY – 573-751-3321

I am trying to stay up to date on the phone calls for people that are sitting on the fence regarding healthcare.  Let’s get them off that fence, shall we?  For more updates, check out my Facebook page or the group here.


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