Who for Congress? Let’s find out.

Election time is just around the corner. It has a habit of creeping up seemingly out of nowhere. It may appear to move a lot faster for people actually running for elections and this year that may mean there are a lot of people who wish time would slow in Delaware.
In an effort to better get to know Delaware’s candidates I am starting a series titled “Insight into your candidates’ mind: A poll of political profiles”. Every person running for a political office has been sent the same questions listed below. These are all important civil rights issues and seeing the opinions of a potential candidate may help Delaware voters narrow down who they feel best represents them.
The questions sent are listed below in the same format the candidates received. The chance to read the verbatim answers of a candidate and compare could help many who are unsure of whom they wish to vote for.  Polls will be included to see how our readers feel about answers provided.
Questions for candidates:
1) This year there was a controversy regarding state housing. It was brought to light that people who live in state housing were not allowed to own firearms. Once this was brought to light the Newark Housing Authority withdrew the ban. Do you agree with this and why?
2) There has been much discussion lately regarding the consolidation of the school districts. There would be four school districts in the state, one for each county and one for the technical schools. Would you prefer to consolidate the districts or leave them as they are?
3) There has been controversy recently regarding the newly passed healthcare reform bill. How do you feel about the healthcare bill and how would you have voted if you were in the position to have done so? Does the healthcare bill cover your needs well or do you feel it is over protective?
4) House Bill 353 is related to state sovereignty regarding the healthcare bill. This bill is set up to protect the citizens of the state of Delaware from any kind of forced mandated healthcare. Do you support this bill?
5) Immigration reform has long been an issue on the minds of many in Delaware. Do you feel the system needs reform and if yes, how would you set up a reform package?

If you personally are running in an election in the state of Delaware, please email me your responses and I will see they get shared with the voters of Delaware.


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