An election series. Doug Lambert for Seaford City Council

After many issues with the scripting on my Examiner page, it should fix itself given time, I have 2 of these tonight due to time constraints for those running.

Hi! I am Doug Lambert and I am running for city councilman in Seaford and the election is Saturday. The election is taking place at city hall from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, April 17th 2010 and I hope to beat out the incumbent. Here are my responses to your questions:

The original questions are listed above the candidates answers.  The candidates answers are listed in bold.

1) This year there was a controversy regarding state housing. It was brought to light that people who live in state housing were not allowed to own firearms. Once this was brought to light the Newark Housing Authority withdrew the ban. Do you agree with this and why?

Yes, I agree to lift that ban as I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment and that all law abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their property.

2) There has been much discussion lately regarding the consolidation of the school districts. There would be four school districts in the state, one for each county and one for the technical schools. Would you prefer to consolidate the districts or leave them as they are?

I would have to know the pros and cons and the benefits of the consolidation and how that would affect funding and the children before giving an educated answer.

3) There has been controversy recently regarding the newly passed healthcare reform bill. How do you feel about the healthcare bill and how would you have voted if you were in the position to have done so? Does the healthcare bill cover your needs well or do you feel it is over protective?

The health care bill is a travesty! It’s big government takeover of another program that will ultimately mean higher taxes and less health care for the citizens of the U.S. and Delaware. We should instead be providing access to health care across state lines, instituting serious tort reform, and allowing the people to make their choices for health care. Health care is not a right.

4) House Bill 353 is related to state sovereignty regarding the healthcare bill. This bill is set up to protect the citizens of the state of Delaware from any kind of forced mandated healthcare. Do you support this bill?

Yes, I support HB353 because it gives Delaware and its citizens the sovereignty and choice of controlling our health care options and all other forced decisions that the U.S. congress and senate might try to jam down our throats.

5) Immigration reform has long been an issue on the minds of many in Delaware. Do you feel the system needs reform and if yes, how would you set up a reform package?

Yes I do and much like other states are doing, I would increase law enforcements ability to arrest, confine, and deport illegals as well as increase INS powers to round up illegals and employers who provide jobs for illegals. I would also make the state language English and require that all children speak and write it in schools. Those that do not speak English would be required to attend English classes. Those immigrants to Delaware would be required to take the naturalization/ citizenship exam in English as well as drivers license tests at DMV.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak out,
Doug Lambert

If you personally are hoping to be an elected official in the state of Delaware, please email me your responses and I will see they get shared with the voters of Delaware


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