An election series. Matthew Walsh for Mayor of Georgetown

Matthew Walsh is running for Mayor of Georgetown.  This election is on May 8th, 2010.  His website and campaign videos are open for all to examine.  He can also be heard on the 93.5 The Beach morning show as part of the personality duo “Matt and Crank”.  His responses can be viewed below.  Once again, the original questions are on top and the candidates answers appear in bold.

1) This year there was a controversy regarding state housing. It was brought to light that people who live in state housing were not allowed to own firearms. Once this was brought to light the Newark Housing Authority withdrew the ban. Do you agree with this and why?

Hm, let me go back to my copy of the Constitution and check the second amendment to see if people who live in state housing are supposed to be excluded…



Nope. Don’t see it. What I do see is this:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Maybe if I circle certain letters and cross other letters out and treat the Constitution like a word search puzzle I can get it to say that people in state housing are excluded from the basic human right of self defense. Look, sarcasm aside, this preponderance of idiots out there who try to part and parcel the second amendment (as well as the rest of the Constitution) to make it say what they think it should say, are really doing serious damage to this country. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Period. End of discussion. That’s what it says. I believe in what it says one hundred percent… Whether you live in state housing, a trailer park, or the Governor’s Mansion (or a one bedroom apartment in Georgetown). In short, I agree with the decision to withdraw the ban.

2) There has been much discussion lately regarding the consolidation of the school districts. There would be four school districts in the state, one for each county and one for the technical schools. Would you prefer to consolidate the districts or leave them as they are?

If we’re discussing school districts why don’t we discuss the fact that the administrators in this state can’t seem to keep child predators out of the schools. Are we ever going to talk about this or shall we wait until another busload or two of students are molested and preyed upon by perverts in the school system? But I digress. Or do I? No, do not consolidate the school districts. If we do that they will just be bigger, clunkier, run (more) poorly, and watched over by an even bigger bureaucracy. Keep the districts as small and as lean as possible. Bigger is almost never better when it comes to government institutions (especially educational ones). And while we’re at it let’s, you know, try to do something about all of that molesting.

3) There has been controversy recently regarding the newly passed healthcare reform bill. How do you feel about the healthcare bill and how would you have voted if you were in the position to have done so? Does the healthcare bill cover your needs well or do you feel it is over protective?

Putting this as lightly as possible: I am not pleased by the bill and I would have voted against it. You ask me if the bill “covers my needs”? Well firstly, no it doesn’t. But more importantly, I don’t expect nor desire to have the government “covering my needs”. I have a job, free will, and a brain. I can take care of myself, but thanks anyway. Look, the Health Care bill was neither an ideological move, nor a logical one — it was purely political. My point is, even Obama knows this thing isn’t going to help anyone. People act like the Health Care bill was passed by a bunch of misguided do-gooders. Wrong. They aren’t do-gooders nor are they misguided. There aim with this was to gain more power and capital by sucking it away from the people. In that aim they were right on target.

4) House Bill 353 is related to state sovereignty regarding the healthcare bill. This bill is set up to protect the citizens of the state of Delaware from any kind of forced mandated healthcare. Do you support this bill?

Yes. Any argument that says the federal government should be allowed to trample over state sovereignty, come barging into our homes, and instruct us that we must buy health care, is purely absurd and, frankly, imbecilic.

5) Immigration reform has long been an issue on the minds of many in Delaware. Do you feel the system needs reform and if yes, how would you set up a reform package?

Of course the system needs reform. The only people who are in favor of our current “immigration policy” (I struggle to even refer to it as a policy, because the word “policy” infers some sort of cogent and definite course of action) are: 1) Illegal immigrants. 2) Those employers that utilize illegal immigration as a modern day slave trade. 3) Naive college kids who have been “enlightened” by some socialist professor in their 8:30am political science class. 4) Politicians who are either too gutless or too selfish (but probably a mixture of the two) to stand up and be a proponent of any immigration policy that actually entails enforcement. Pretty much everyone else recognizes that REAL Americans are suffering from the infestation of illegal immigrants. Not to mention our already crippled economy can not stand the burden, and our national identity has been destroyed. Here’s the reform we need. I’ll give you the step by step guide:

First, build an actual real fence along the entire border. Yes. I mean the entire border. I know, it seems completely infeasible that our government could accomplish a task as monumental as building a freakin’ fence, but bear with me here. Second, we send the National Guard down to the border to do what the National Guard is supposed to do (hint: Just flip the words around — “Guard” the “Nation”). Third, now that the leak is closed up start working on dumping out the water that’s sinking the boat. I know it’s easier said than done, but do it anyway. Fourth, come down hard on employers that are not with the program. At the end of the day any sound immigration policy is going to have to be hinged on American businesses. Meaning, if they stop (or are forced to stop) employing illegal workers, then the problem becomes much easier to deal with.

If you personally are hoping to be an elected official in the state of Delaware, please email me your responses and I will see they get shared with the voters of Delaware.


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