Wade calls for Phillips’ resignation

This press release just came out:

Wade Calls on Urquhart Campaign Manager to Resign

(New Castle) Delaware Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade today called for Glen Urquhart’s Campaign Manager to end his conflict of interestand resign one of his positions. In recent days, Vance Phillips’ dual role as the President of the Sussex County Council and the Campaign Manager for Glen Urquhart has provoked questions about his conflict of interest.

“This is the same type of insider, good old boy politics that we see every day in Washington,” said Wade.  “To remove any doubt about where his loyalties lie, Glen Urquhart should ask Vance Phillips to choose between his taxpayer duties and his campaign duties.”

As a developer, Urquhart is employing a public official who holds sway over possible zoning or regulatory matters before the Council. Wade believes that this situation reflects poorly on Republicans and Delaware.

“We only get to send one, so let’s make sure it’s one of us,” said Wade. “Republicans lost the House and Senate in part because of an ethical lapse. We need to send people to Washington that we can be proud of and trust.”

Kevin Wade is an engineer from New Castle. You can find more information at www.wadefordelaware.com.


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