An election series about rights – Brent Wangen for Congress

Brent Wangen is the Libertarian nominee for House of Representatives.  His website (including blog) may be viewed here.  His responses can be viewed below. Once again, the original questions are on top and the candidates answers appear inbold.

1) This year there was a controversy regarding state housing. It was brought to light that people who live in state housing were not allowed to own firearms. Once this was brought to light the Newark Housing Authority withdrew the ban. Do you agree with this and why?

I agree that there should be no ban on firearms. The Second amendment states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

2) There has been much discussion lately regarding the consolidation of the school districts. There would be four school districts in the state, one for each county and one for the technical schools. Would you prefer to consolidate the districts or leave them as they are?

I believe that the best governing decisions are usually made at the lowest possible level. Schools are too important to put under large bureaucracies, the Department of Education is a perfect example since its inception it has a consistent record of decreasing performance for more cost. I do not believe the people of Delaware want to turn over the decision making on schools over to a county level organization.

3) There has been controversy recently regarding the newly passed healthcare reform bill. How do you feel about the healthcare bill and how would you have voted if you were in the position to have done so? Does the healthcare bill cover your needs well or do you feel it is over protective?

The Healthcare law is Un-Constitutional, and based on that I would have voted against it. Outside the Constitutionality, I take issue with the nature of the bill. We have a healthcare cost problem in this country, not a healthcare insurance problem. We need to address the cost issue using free market principles not by trying more regulations and control. We must realize and educate people that we don’t have a right to healthcare but a right to the healthcare we can afford to pay for. If you cannot afford healthcare then you don’t have the right to make someone else or government pay for it for you. So if we want quality healthcare that all people can afford we need to allow the free market to address the cost issues of healthcare.

3) House Bill 353 is related to state sovereignty regarding the healthcare bill. This bill is set up to protect the citizens of the state of Delaware from any kind of forced mandated healthcare. Do you support this bill?

I support House Bill 353 fully. The 10th amendment of the Bill of Rights states that whatever powers not delegate to the Federal Government is reserved to the States and then to the People. The Federal Government has overstepped its bounds with the current healthcare law, the State must act to preserve its sovereignty, and protect its citizens from the actions of the Federal Government.

5) Immigration reform has long been an issue on the minds of many in Delaware. Do you feel the system needs reform and if yes, how would you set up a reform package?

Immigration is a “hot topic” now. I think the key for the short term is enforcement. We must enforce the laws we have now. While we are enforcing the current laws we should review them to see if they need reform. However, because the Federal Government decided not to vigorously enforce the immigration laws doesn’t mean we need immigration reform. In 2007 1,052,415 immigrants became legal permanent residents of the U.S. if that many people can follow the process from start to finish, it cannot be that flawed. To look to reform the process for those that broke the law to be here, is a slap in the face to those 1,052,415 citizens of our great nation.

If you personally are hoping to be an elected official in the state of Delaware, please email me your responses and I will see they get shared with the voters of Delaware.


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