Rose Izzo update – The GOP convention is an exercise in “backroom deals”

As a correction to a previous article discussing the GOP Convention:

“Rose Izzo was NOT at the Republican Convention on Saturday, May 15th, 2010.

Rose Izzo of Brandywine Hundred has decided to skip the convention, which she sees as an exercise in backroom deals.”

Congressional hopeful Rose Izzo has not, however, been sitting around doing nothing.  Her campaign’s recent press release states the following:

Rose Izzo volunteered at the PA Primary
On Tuesday, Pennsylvania held its Primary Elections. Rose Izzo volunteers her time to help elect “Real Conservatives” to statewide and local offices. Rose and her entire staff made the trip to PA to show support for the candidates that share her views on important issues and also share her conservative approach to government. Rose and her staff handed out literature as well as drove voters to the polls.

Rose Izzo said: “Yesterday was an important day for America. I went to Pennsylvania with my campaign staff to help with the Elections. It is always good to take time out and help others. Now its back to work on my Election.”

When asked she stated that she helped Pat Toomey (she also supported him in 2004 over Arlen Specter), PA Rep. John Taylor, and others, not all from the GOP ticket.

You can learn more about Rose and her campaign at her website.   A slideshow of her helping at the primaries is viewable here.


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