Crash the parties – so much better when it’s plural

September 23rd is not a date that traditionally is remembered in history. This year, members of the group “Independent’s Day” will hope to make it a day to remember.

In light of the current political and economical turmoil, many Americans believe the United States have reached a turning point. The country as a whole has come to a fork in the road, one road leads to a breakdown of America as a super power, the other road leads to a restoration of glory and a continuation of the engrained pride American citizens have embraced for over 200 years. The rise of the Tea Party and other grass roots movements have helped to show that the people of America understand there is a deep seeded problem embedded in the politics of America.

American politics are deeply entrenched in the “two-party system”. Democrats and Republicans have taken turns leading the country for over 150 years and the members of the Independent’s Day movement believe both parties are doing it wrong. For years it has seemed that to be a member of a third party (Independent, Libertarian, Constitution, etc) has been “throwing away your vote” as these members never seem able to get enough of a majority to be elected to a public office. Members of Independent’s Day plan a mass exodus of both major parties in an effort to eliminate the deeply entrenched career politicians currently ruining the future of America.

Much of the youth in America has grown weary of watching Democrats and Republicans squander their future in the name of a political party. They have grown tired of hearing people claim they will attempt to “change the party from within”. The same people that have been claiming they will change their party from within have become entrenched in the political system they are trying to change. Instead of voting for the lesser of two evils, Independent’s Day members will vote for the politician they believe in. This group doesn’t care which third party group you join, as long as you leave the Republicans and the Democrats. The perpetual lobbying and monopolization has silenced the voice of Americans and Independent’s Day members hope to bring back that voice.

The Independent’s Day website has the following mantra:
“We are a truly independent, truly grassroots, truly determined movement with one goal in mind: Destroy the Two Party System and reclaim our Republic from the Democrat and Republican parties that have bankrupted our nation.

The Republicans and Democrats no longer represent the American people. They are bought and sold and there is no saving them. But why should we even try to save them? Almost everyone is on the same page here. We all know that the Republicans and Democrats have monopolized the system and made it impossible for genuinely independent voices to be heard. What we want to do is give real human beings a fighting chance at holding political office. We are tired of hearing this during every election cycle: “I really don’t like (insert hollowed out hack politician) but at least he isn’t a (insert corrupt party)”. This is not Democracy. Democracy is about CHOICES and right now we are not presented with any real ones. ”

On September 23rd, 2010, they will “CRASH the PARTY” and they urge you to do the same. Updates on this group will continue to be shared.

You can find them yourselves on Facebook, Independent’s Day 9-23-10


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