Insurance Commissioner under close examination

The Delaware Public Integrity Commissionhas recently been a stop of Christian Hudson, a Lewes businessman and member of the Sussex County Campaign for Libertychapter. Mr. Hudson has filed a complaint claiming Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart of numerous violations of Delaware state law. Part of his decision to do so was pushed by the newly formed Caesar Rodney Institute and their report “Delaware Dept. of Insurance: Not in the Public Interest“.  Delaware Liberal, a state blog, has also kept a close eye on Karen Weldin Stewart and her alleged misuse of Delaware’s funding.

So what has been found out? Why are so many people constantly crying foul at Karen Weldin Stewart? The accusations against the Insurance Commission continue to stack higher and higher, but a few of them may be read now.

A few notable contributors to Stewart’s 2008 election campaign were rewarded lucrative jobs, one with a salary of $16,000 dollars a month (that’s right, a month) to help pay for his home in his own state of residence, Illinois.

One act the Department of Insurance (DOI) partakes of regularly hits particularly close to home, although perhaps far away from home would be a better way to phrase that statement. The DOI has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on out-of-state consultants. With unemployment rates alarmingly high and underemployment rates astoundingly high one would think employing Delawareans would be a priority of any state agency.

Instead of continuing on this path of extreme spending (including Karen Weldin Stewart taking her state provided car to salons, restaurants, night clubs, and other doubtfully justifiable weekend and holiday trips) Christian Hudson provided a heartfelt explanation regarding the reason for his complaint. His words are as follows:

“Nobody is backing me, this is just being filed as a private citizen. There’s no petition to sign, no website/Facebook/Twitter/etc, no infrastructure for support at all. I’m doing this because I feel something has to be done to stop this culture of corruption in Dover. Thomas Paine said “Those who expect to reap the blessings of Liberty, must undergo the fatigues of supporting Liberty.” Our politicians are just completely out of control and drunk with power, so if nobody else is going to stand up and fight the corruption I guess it’s up to the individual citizens and that means me.

…When you have a state completely ruled by one party, who can you go to when you need help to fight corruption within that party? Democrat Legislators held a hearing to determine if there was any wrongdoing on the part of the Insurance Commissioner, but unfortunately it was just another cheap dog-and-pony show… Worse yet, they held a secret closed door meeting with the Insurance Commissioner before they held the hearing. Big surprise then that they didn’t find anything wrong at the hearing.

…This was the only legal recourse that I could find, so I felt compelled to file the complaint.”


One thought on “Insurance Commissioner under close examination

  1. This woman is a fraud, profoundly stupid, and corrupt to the core. She ran for office only to abuse it for kickbacks from vendors and consultants and bribes from the insurance companies she’s supposed to regulate. Her consultants, especially Elliott Jacobson, are the ones who actually run the office. She was broke when she took office and is now a multimillionaire but doesn’t show it, wearing her Dior and Chanel duds only out of state or out of the country where no one can see them who knows she was broke when she took office and didn’t even own a car. She’s a 9th grade high school drop out. Her boyfriend then-commissioner David Levinson gave her a no-show job in the DOI in 1989 and showed her how to rip off Delaware taxpayers and use graft and corruption to finance a life of luxury. When Donna Lee Williams defeated Levinson, the first thing she did in January 1993 was fire Stewart who’s been unemployed since then. All the posts on various websites about her tenure with the DOI or anywhere else are false.


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