A poll of political profiles. An election series about rights. Earl Lofland for Congress

Earl Lofland is running for Congress as a member of the Constitution Party.  Mr. Lofland is a regular writer and a firm believer in Constitutional Rights.  You may read his writings at his website as well as support his campaign, and you can also join hisFacebook Fan Page.  Angel’s original questions are listed below.  Earl Lofland’s answers appear in bold.

1) This year there was a controversy regarding state housing. It was brought to light that people who live in state housing were not allowed to own firearms. Once this was brought to light the Newark Housing Authority withdrew the ban. Do you agree with this and why?

I firmly hold on to the rights of citizens protected by Amendment II, should not be restrictive in anyway. Individuals should be entitled to own a firearm as well as form their own groups or organizations which support owning firearms, training on the use of firearms and even the self defense of their homes their community, their state and their country.
Amendment II was not about hunting alone. and that right should never be infringed upon by any government agency.
I will also go one further on this issue. Delaware has among other stations, Dover Air Force Base. There is discussions by the Dept of Defense to make more laws restricting the personnel and their families from carrying or owning personal firearms on a base. Decided after Nidal Hassan went on a killing rampage.
I can assure you that a gun free zone did not stop this man from breaking the law. And making more restrictions on firearm owners on a military installation is only going to make the risk of another attack greater.
If there is any legislation that is to be passed on this topic. I would support legislation which would allow open carry of firearms by ALL who are stationed at a military base, Including their families.
If there had been individuals who were permitted to carry their personal firearms Nidal Hassan would never have been able to go into two separate buildings before someone would have taken him down!

I support protecting Amendment II to individuals who are stationed on our military bases.

2) There has been much discussion lately regarding the consolidation of the school districts. There would be four school districts in the state, one for each county and one for the technical schools. Would you prefer to consolidate the districts or leave them as they are?

By consolidating the districts it would save the state tax dollars, how ever it would cause another problem far greater than the states budget. The teachers would be over burdened with larger classrooms causing more risks of controlling students.
The Administrative duties also would be far greater as well Where more districts would have to be managed by one Administrator, causing the risks of being able to prevent issues such as what took place in Sussex County with the football coach who had molested teenaged students.
As for education policy the state should have officials who stand up against certain restrictions that are being forced upon the state in how they teach their students. returning back to teaching morality will be one of the main targets individuals should be looking for in who they elect for their state officials.

3) There has been controversy recently regarding the newly passed healthcare reform bill. How do you feel about the healthcare bill and how would you have voted if you were in the position to have done so?

Does the healthcare bill cover your needs well or do you feel it is over protective?
The Healthcare bill will be destructive to our limited constitutional governement.
The Healthcare bill will be destructive to our nations free market
the Healthcare bill will be destructive to the rights of the individuals in many ways
higher tax burdens. Abortion or planned parenthood
IRS having the right to look into individuals savings accounts, violating the 4th Amendment and the 1st Amendment.
The word Dhimmitude should also be noted in what is caused by this healthcare bill.
A law by the wording of our constitution is to be for all citizens and not target or protect some.

The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be “gambling”, “risk-taking” and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.
We must have state officials who will stand against this law, By countering this measure with a state sovereignty law. Not just a resolution, But a Law! declaring the state and the peoples rights be protected as is entitled to them under Amendment IX and X of the US Constitution

4) House Bill 353 is related to state sovereignty regarding the healthcare bill. This bill is set up to protect the citizens of the state of Delaware from any kind of forced mandated healthcare. Do you support this bill?

5) Immigration reform has long been an issue on the minds of many in Delaware. Do you feel the system needs reform and if yes, how would you set up a reform package?

The US has a vast number of problems with protecting our states and the country from the problems with illegal immigrants. These issues can be better managed on a state to state basis. as one states problems are far more different than another states. For example. New Mexico is on the border and they have the problems with tunnels as with AZ and TX. these borders can be best protected with other options besides additional federal agents or national guard. by reducing the federal taxes which are imposed upon these states allow them to have more leverage in adding additional county sheriffs. Incorporating private organizations as well as part of the programs would also be another option.

In Delaware back in 2005 I started a program titled DEBORA it stood for DE Bay Oyster Replenishment Assistance. A part of this program was not only about restoring the oyster population alone it was about educating and training individuals in various aspects of the Marine science Field.
One of which would include OUPV Certifications (Charter boat captain licenses) Something that is not offered in the state of Delaware. These individuals must comply with Coast Guard rules and regulations.
I had suggested this to Mr Tom Carper back in 2005 seeking his imput on how the Federal Grants could be used in building an aquarium here in the state of Delaware as well as provide training and education services.
The OUPV Charter Boat Captains who would go through the training in Delaware, would be part of a network to assist the Coast guard in watching the waterways for potential illegal drug activities where vessels would be bringing drugs into our borders on vessels that may be overlooked by USCG. Illegal immigrants who would be secretly disembarking from a vessel while in the Delaware Estuary. or even protect from another potential terrorist attack by water.

This entire operation would not only be essential for educating it would also provide a vast number of employment opportunities within the state as well as be capable to have some partnership with some of the higher learning institutions such as but not limited to Delaware State University, Wilmington University Wesley College and others for additional resources for their students to learn Marine Sciences management, as well as other skills

Mr. Carper opposed this project!

If you personally are hoping to be an elected official in the state of Delaware, please email me your responses and I will see they get shared with the voters of Delaware.

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