Save these tat-tas…

For those of you who are unaware, Memorial Day weekend in Rehoboth Beach was interesting to say the least for law enforcement.   It seems a group of transgender men were sunbathing topless on the beach near Queen Street.  Many of you may feel this has no place on a conservative blog, yet I feel that this is something which needs to be shared.

Two of the four transgender men were in a transitional stage of operations, seemingly having both male and female sex organs. Although the men were in the process of “becoming” women, they wanted to continue to have the same rights men enjoy while at the beach. Police and beach patrol asked the transgender men to cover their breasts and the men complied. They did, however, argue that they “are transgender and it is illegal to discriminate”.

When a man has the series of intense surgeries and hormone treatments to change his appearance to that of a woman, one has been led to believe that it is because that man associates himself with the opposite sex. In this writer’s opinion the man is simply making his outside appearance match the way he has always felt on the inside. If this is indeed the case, one may be confused by the occurrences on Saturday, May 29th 2010, in Rehoboth.

These men, with female breasts, chose to continue to use the rights enjoyed by men. When staging rallies and protests in other states, the women who associate themselves with men take off their tops, obeying laws which apply to men while disobeying laws which apply to women. The men in Rehoboth Beach, although they had female sex organs, felt it was appropriate to act in accordance with society’s views of men.

In previous years, I went to a performing arts school and was surrounded by a variety of sexual orientations (as well as some of the most talented performers I have ever met).  I understand that when regarding transgender men and women most people are unsure when regarding the correct usage of pronouns as well as more visible issues (like which bathroom one should use).  This recent act in Rehoboth, I feel, has set transgender rights back.

As a woman, I accept the fact that I need to wear a top when I am out in public.  I have been to beaches where nude sunbathing was embraced if not encouraged, yet I still, due to social qualms, kept my top on.  I have also stood in line behind a homosexual man when we were both waiting to use the ladies restroom.  When you live in Rehoboth, if you discriminate or have prejudice you might as well move.

Regardless of my previous interactions, this act confuses me. In fact, this act confuses me quite a bit.

Why would you decide you are really a woman on the inside, yet expect the laws of women not to apply to you? Society has different expectations of women then of men, perhaps these men were unaware of that fact, yet that seems doubtful. One wonders why these men would go through the effort of changing their appearance to that of women simply to continue to act like men.


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