Can we stop with the racial slurs already?

I have been absent for awhile and for that I apologize.  To those of you who are offended by this topic, I also apologize, but I strongly feel this needs to be said.

The term “ cracker” has long been used as a racial slur against Caucasians in America. This term has had a re-emergence in the last week due to “King Samir Shabazz” (most recognized member of the New Black Panther Party) and his exploits at the polls in November 2008. We all recognize Samir’s right to free speech, and I will refrain from getting into the voter intimidation issue. What I want to discuss is the now relatively common use of the term “cracker” which is being used by members of the Tea Party movement.

I have seen it emerging all over Facebook and my other social networking websites. People who previously had pictures of their families, or the American flag, even the Gadsden flag, now have pictures of a cracker. One friend who I had deemed reasonable has a picture of a cracker shaped like the United States of America.

I understand the outrage people are feeling in regards to Samir and his statements (I will not call him King), especially when one takes into consideration he stood outside a voting area with a club. Samir states in hisBlack Planet webpage “I hate crackas deeply and I will never compromise with that, SOOOOO CRACKAS STAY OFF MY PAGE.NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YALL HAVE TO SAY“. He states much worse than this in numerous writings, songs, and videos available online.

My summation, just because someone else calls you an offensive name doesn’t mean you have to prove you are “above” the slur by embracing it. I saw a doctored photo of the “White Power Fist“, inside the fist is a cracker and underneath is the phrase “Cracker Power”.

This is being taken too far in my opinion. One man and his racial slurs are no reason to start alienating any minority who embraces the cause of the Tea Party. When CNN calls the Tea Party racist now, can we blame them?


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