A Libertarian turned Republican? Just for the primary I guess

Today at noon was the deadline for major-party candidates to file with the Department of Elections. A surprising turn of events was Brent Wangen, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, joining others as a fusion candidate. Brent Wangen will now participate in the Republican primaries, along with Rose Izzo,Glen Urquhart, and Michelle Rollins. The Republican primary is set for September 14th, 2010. Regardless of a win or loss in the primary, Brent will remain of the ballot in November as the Libertarian candidate.

Aren’t there enough choices in the Republican primary? Won’t voters already be confused? Not according to Brent. Brent claims that when looking at Michele Rollins and Glen Urquhart, he sees “more of the same”. In this anti-establishment time, Brent clings to his motto “The Constitution is the Solution”. One wonders if more needs to be said.

Libertarians this year seem to be playing by a different set of rules as Will McVay, a Libertarian running for the 32nd district, has also filed as a fusion candidate. Will has filed for both the Democrat and Republican primaries. Will has drawn numerous supporters from both major parties and chose to increase his name recognition as well as the causes he supports; he is a strong supporter of state sovereignty.

In Brent’s case, despite the seemingly last minute decision, the reasons to be a fusion candidate have piled up for him. Brent comments that “As a Constitutional Libertarian, I believe the GOP voters will find the conservative principles they are looking for in a candidate that is beholden only to the Constitution regardless of their party.” Based on his paying the $3,480 filing fee today, Brent believes he is that candidate. When speaking, Brent teaches listeners not only about the Constitution and the18 Enumerated Powers, but also about the boundaries which our current Congress have ignored blatantly.

Brent will make his official announcement on Friday at the Delaware Conservative Coalition’s Great Conservative Cookout.

You may learn more about Brent Wangen here!

Return to the Delaware 2010 Elections Information Main Page


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