Family feud embarrasses Delaware politics

Many have come to realize that a political campaign may mean the proverbial skeleton comes out of the closet, yet none of us expected the bombshell dropped on the Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser campaign this weekend. Eric’s brother, Paul, created an offensive website outlining some of the mistakes Eric had made in his past. The website, titled “Vote Smart Vote Joe Booth” not only insults Eric, but also lays insult to his wife Patty. Paul states he is “more than happy to help Joe Booth beat my brother even if he was running for Sussex County Dog Catcher”.

Throughout the day many groups have commented regarding this webpage. The News Journalincludes a quote from Sussex County GOP Chairman Ron Sams. “It’s one thing for a candidate or a candidate’s campaign to say something like that,” Sams said. “But when your brother comes right out, and from another state away, and makes these kind of statements, I would think that people would have to set up and say there’s probably some validity to what his brother says.” Ron Sams is a Joe Booth supporter.

This writer’s good friend and fellow writer David Anderson is not taking sides in the 19th Senate race, but “wouldn’t encourage anyone to vote against Mr. Bodenweiser based upon this” and would also encourage people not to blame Joe Booth.

Delaware Liberal seems to have no issue taking sides calling Eric names which will not be repeated on this site, but may be read here.

Bill Colley, evening radio talk show host on WGMD comments on the News Journal story stating “as for my County GOP Chairman… I believe that he’s already punched his ticket to the nether world”.

One wonders about the other aspects of this story which have yet to be examined.

Many of us know about sibling rivalries and may be curious as to what would lead a sibling such strong … dislike. This may never be known, yet much Paul Bodenweiser’s website seems to show anger towards Eric’s recent religious acts (those of us who know Eric know him to be a deeply religious man) yet he also shows another feeling many of us may know, jealousy.

If one reads the “Vote Smart Vote Joe Booth” diatribe one may notice many spelling and grammar errors. Why would anyone when writing such a hurtful piece directed at their own family fail to use spell check? The answer seems easy to this writer. This was written in a fit of passion.

Paul admits that he hasn’t spoken to Eric in years; therefore one may consider that Paul just became aware that Eric is running for a political office. Although the website may have taken a short while to set up this was obviously written in a fueled passion.

Paul will regret this later (he may already since the alcohol has worn off) and Joe Booth, although he has claimed ignorance, will forever be in the back of people’s minds when they consider the Bodie Brothers.


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