Freedom Works will Give Us Liberty

There are moments in your life when you know you are about to do something extremely embarrassing yet you can’t stop yourself. You know people will laugh when they hear your name, smirk when they see you, and probably give you a horrible nickname but you do it anyway. I am about to have one of those moments. Yes, that’s right; I’m going to make a gushing sports metaphor.

“He could go all the way!” We’ve all heard that phrase in football again and again and again (well, I’m an Eagles fan so I probably hear it less than most) and we know what that means. Someone has that football and they are sprinting towards the end zone. It looks like no one will be able to catch them; he’s going to score and no one will be able to take that accomplishment away. Even more importantly, the excitement builds, the momentum builds, and everyone else is inspired into stepping up their game. I just heard that announcer in my head this weekend at a Freedom Works Activist Boot Camp in DC.

I was surrounded by about 30 people who champion the cause of Liberty on a daily basis. These people sacrifice their time, their money and their personal relationships to be vocal and active regarding individual rights, limited government, sound economic strategy and so much more. These activists are on the front line for the battle for our civil rights every day. In the spotlight, publicly defending Liberty, Deneen Borelli is a household name to the Tea Party movement. She is the perfect example of the sacrifice being made by these individuals. Instead of writing about her actions, I would urge you to watch the video.

In order to preserve brevity, more will be forthcoming regarding the actual lessons learned and advice given, as well as the book “Give Us Liberty” which chronicles the Tea Party movement, history, and includes a Grass Roots Activism Toolkit (the toolkit is available for free download here). I will instead get to the point of my sports metaphor.

These people will not rest, will not stop, and will continue to champion the cause of Liberty in America. With the upcoming election in November there is a touchdown on the way. There have already been several points scored, the game is in the final quarter, and while everyone in the stadium enjoys their hotdogs and beer, some are on the field. They may be covered in sweat, dirt, and in some cases blood, but that momentum has built to the point where it is buzzing in the air.

We will score and Liberty will prevail. We must, therefore we will.


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