Joe Booth ignores Bodie Brothers controversy and focuses on NCC

Much ado has been made about Eric Bodenweiser and Joe Booth in the past two weeks mainly in conjunction with a personal smear campaign run by Eric’s own brother Paul. Joe Booth has claimed ignorance regarding the rants and obscenities posted on Paul’s page “Vote Smart Vote Joe Booth” and stated that he has never been on the website. You may hear his interview with Dan Gaffney shortly after the initial website launch here.   In my opinion, Joe is not dealing well with this issue.
Joe Booth’s election website has no mention of the rambling rants which have caused his campaign to receive its largest amount of press to date. Paul published a new rant today stating that he is not in “cahoots with Joe Booth’s campaign” although he admits making financial donations to Joe. Despite the personal outcries from all over Sussex County, Joe has, to the public’s knowledge, made no effort to have his name taken off the Blast Bodenweiser website. In fact, Joe has begun to ignore the people of Sussex County!
On Joe’s own website, the first event listed on his calendar is the Delaware primary the headline reading simply “Vote for Joe Booth – Primary Election!” It has, however, been noted that Joe Booth has an event planned in New Castle County on Monday, August 16th. Joe will be teaming up with Representative Tom Kovach for a fundraiser. One can’t help but wonder why Joe is fundraising in New Castle County when the voters of his own district are waiting for a valid response regarding the personal smear campaign which is littered with Mr. Booth’s name.
Instead of closing with a discussion regarding voting records accountability, one may wish to focus on a different aspect of Joe Booth. The side of Joe Booth where his constituents are calling out for answers and begging for information yet receiving nothing in return may be one voters wish to pay attention to, all the while Joe Booth’s constituents will continue to wait, and wait, and wait.


4 thoughts on “Joe Booth ignores Bodie Brothers controversy and focuses on NCC

  1. It seems that you’re the only one calling out for anything, Angel. The rest of us think this is humorous or don’t care because we weren’t supporting Bodie to begin with.


  2. Well Bill, I would add that for me it’s not about supporting anyone. Eric seems to be crossing his fingers and wishing this would go away while we all watch in fascination. I want to see some accountability from someone regarding this, even if it is just ONE PARAGRAPH on a website. If my name were splashed all over someone’s site I would at least have a press release regarding the fact that I didn’t sanction it prepared.


  3. Angel,

    Senator Joe Booth has nothing to do with Paul’s website. He cannot control or restrict someone’s free speech. Surely someone with Libertarian views such as yourself would realize this. As I’ve stated on DP this is a family issue. I’m supporting Booth because of his conservative values and because I know that he will listen to his constituents, and vote accordingly. I cannot say the same thing about Eric. Eric has become very outspoken about his disaproval of the Del Point project. This is where I don’t agree with Eric. If Schell Bros. is going to use their own money for the project then how is it the right of anyone to tell them they can’t do it? Could someone also please tell me how someone, in this case Eric, is supposed to be for
    capitalism, but yet they say that there are already too many casinos in the area? Why can’t we allow Del Point to be built and let the free market decide? I remember about a year ago when Eric was talking to a host of a local talk show about a SCOR meeting at Post #28. During the conversation Eric had stated that the meeting was being held outside in the outdoor pavillion and then he said that it was, “a non smoking event”. Really? Since when did it become illegal to smoke outside at a private organization? If elected, what other personal freedoms would Eric try to take away from me that he doesn’t agree with? I also have another problem with Eric’s stand on Del Point. He’s supposed to be against gambling because it’s such a bad thing, and that’s his opinion. It would probably be a little bit more believable if he hadn’t personally benefited from it financially through the Bodies Convienence Stores that are scattered throughout Sussex.




  4. Mike,

    I will say that I have never spoken out about the Casino projects and at the “non-smoking events” you’re discussing, not only was I there, but I was smoking.

    I am not blaming Joe for this website, I am waiting for press release about the site that is smothered in his name. In my opinion, when someone starts to act in your name, you need to (in writing) show that there is a separation between your views and theirs, especially when that someone has your name in their website title.

    I feel like Joe gave a half-hearted speech on the radio, and would REALLY like to see something he means in writing on his website. Creating a press release is not a long process.

    That being said, I will add again that I have no problems with Joe, just a problem with the way he is handling this situation.

    I do appreciate your comments Mike!


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