Beau Biden misspells his own name in new campaign ad

When we make donations to a political campaign, many of us don’t spend much time thinking about what it gets used for. We later hear reports of misuse of certain campaign funds and are affronted that the candidate of our choosing had the nerve to spend OUR money in that manner (of course, once the money is donated it becomes THEIR money). One candidate in particular has been using their meager campaign contributions in a surprising manner.

Current Attorney General Beau Biden is running for re-election in 2010. He maintains a website where he accepts campaign donations despite the fact that he is running unopposed. As the incumbent Beau was already at an advantage; with no opponent it would take a lot of mistakes for him to lose. There was much speculation near the beginning of the year with many saying that Beau would run for his father’s old Senate seat.

So, if no one is running against him, why should we focus on Beau Biden right now? For many Delawareans, the social networking website Facebook is forcing us to pay attention to Beau. He has recently put advertisements all over the popular website (we have most likely all seen the little ads on the right hand side of the screen), at least enough to draw the attention of this writer. And why not? What’s wrong with a little bit of premier targeted advertising?

Nothing is wrong with advertising, unless you make a mistake.

What mistake could Beau Biden have made that could draw negative attention to his campaign?
Putting the proverbial foot in his mouth (or I guess you could say the kink in the typing hands) seems to run in the Biden family as Beau Biden’s latest advertisement spells his own name wrong. Since his last name is the one with all the recognition it’s even more interesting that Biden was the misspelled name.

One may only guess that since his will be the only name on the ballot the spelling is not as important as the party.

The picture of the misspelled ad is a screenshot and unedited. This is exactly how the ad was shown on Facebook.  (I tend to have issues when it comes to adding images to blogs so simply click on the image in the left hand corner of the screen)


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