Activism 101 – (Thanks FreedomWorks!) An intro to a new series

It seems every election is the “most important election of your life”; at least, that is what you are most likely told.  The statements may be considered correct at the time they are made; how may anyone be aware of what the political climate will be during future elections?   One may assume, however, that if citizens remain on their current path every election will be “the most important election” while the off years are simply stacked full of inaction and disaffected behavior.  While American citizens are more concerned with the latest reality show than the latest legislation our rights will continue to be voted away.

Why does this need to be explained? Because right now many people are interested in what will happen on November 2nd when another major focus needs to be what will happen on November 3rd.  People have put a large emphasis on getting the “right candidate” into office yet those same candidates are given a relatively free-reign when in office.  Delaware’s own Republican Mike Castle, during his Senate campaign this year, discussed an apology because he voted for Cap and Trade.  Many were pleased to hear him talk in this way, yet few paid attention to the fact that he should not have voted against his constituents wishes in the first place.
What can the average person do about holding their representatives in check?  Despite the mantra now being echoed “Remember in November” there are eleven other months in the year.  There are basic and easy ways for the average citizen to help their representative remember to vote appropriately; that’s where this series comes into play.

Activism 101 will be tips and advice to help ensure your representative remembers your existence no matter how close they are to their re-election.  Some of the information shared may be new, some may be old, and some may be of no interest to you personally.  Regardless, hopefully you will appreciate some of the information shared.


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