Can the DE GOP ever endorse O’Donnell? Will the DE GOP endorse Coons?

Somewhere not too far from me, people are in line at the metro, but before I get in line, there is a possibility which needs to be examined.

O’Donnell has now made national headlines, so has Tom Ross.  His statements (especially the dogcatcher one) have inflamed people throughout the country.  Discussions lean towards the fact that the GOP has turned against one of their own.

So… what happens on Wednesday? Rumors have begun to circulate about what the Delaware GOP will do if O’Donnell wins.  This now seems viable, so this should be examined.  Will the proud, tall, strong, might, unbreakable GOP eat their words? Will they tuck their tails in and shake O’Donnell’s hand?

Or will they endorse the Democrat Chris Coons?

Does the GOP (Tom Ross) hate Christine O’Donnell that much?

Here’s what I’m doing today; while at the rally I will be filming people and asking them words of advice for the Delaware GOP.  There will actually be a few of us doing the same thing.

Let’s play a game, let’s see what the establishment does when it’s held accountable to the people


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