O’Donnell STORMS THE CASTLE! Mike Castle loses to O’Donnell and the Tea Party Express

Tears openly and unashamedly flowed tonight at Christine O’Donnell’s campaign victory watch.  As the results were announced the anticipation mounted, some districts taking longer than others.  Many O’Donnell supporters have shown the kind of dedication and loyalty one rarely sees when dealing with politicians, all building up for this final moment.  Her win tonight shows the country that establishment candidates have no place in the First State.

Tea Party Express endorsed Christine long before many others, seeing something in her that would appeal to conservatives all over the country.  Tea Party Express rolled into Delaware fresh from the Joe Miller campaign in Alaska, bringing with them an unprecedented enthusiasm which Delaware sorely needed and had not seen the likes of before.  Rush Limbaugh, holding true to his record of not endorsing primary candidates, still dedicated large portions of his show to discussing the Delaware Senate primary race, pointing out Mike Castle’s voting record.  Sarah Palin, the NRA, and Jim DeMint endorsements soon followed.

The final week of campaigning for Christine was full of ups and downs, name-calling and back-stabbing, surprises and announcements.  This rollercoaster of a ride was due to the incumbent-type opponent Mike Castle and in large part, due recompense should be given to the Delaware GOP state chair Tom Ross.  Ross and his now infamous statements will be remembered by some as a sign that the “Good Ol’ Boy” party in Delaware needs to be reigned in check.  The media frenzy over his alleged “death threat” (which included the writer’s name and address) will not soon be forgotten.  One wonders if Tom Ross will feel it is honorable to resign from his position given his negative and often derogatory comments towards Christine.

Despite the now elated fans and supporters, Christine realizes the war is not over.  She won the most difficult battle; the tide now rests on the battle against the media and strongly entrenched Democrats in the state.  Will Christine O’Donnell beat Chris Coons? Mike Castle was considered unbeatable in the state yet she beat him.  Will the Delaware GOP’s name-calling hurt Christine or will it hurt the established “Good Ol’ Boy” party in the state? Only the voters of Delaware will tell yet it seems that they have spoken loud and clear tonight.


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