RNC and NRSC vs. O’Donnell: the Republican party in Delaware may soon be changing

Today was another monumental day for Christine O’Donnell, although many are talking about Michael Steele and Karl Rove. Tuesday evening, after the announcement of the primary results in Delaware (and Christine’s “shocking” win) Karl Rove took to the airwaves. Rove’s attack on Christine sounded much like the Castle attacks she had been dealing with for weeks.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) had announced Tuesday evening as well that they would not be financially supporting Christine O’Donnell as it was seen as a waste of money.
Somewhere along the line, someone had a clustermug.

Wednesday Michael Steele and the RNC announced they would be supporting Christine, including the $42,000 that is the maximum amount allowed for donations by the NRSC. Karl Rove must have not only gotten a slap on the wrist, but also a firm flogging (in the true Sussex County style). Steele stated:

“This isn’t thought up in some board room and then spilled out onto the streets of America. This is coming from the streets of America, this is coming from small towns, this is coming from neighborhoods wide and large,” Steele said. “And the establishment in this town is so clueless and so out of touch with what real people are going through every day.”

What Steele points out is an interesting concept, that the establishment GOP in out of touch. People like Tom Ross and Ron Sams should be not only listening, but crying next to their computers as they type their resignation letters (if I were in their shoes, I would also be perpetually drinking right now). Not only did Christine cause a major upset, but so did Glen Urquhart. In fact, the only statewide Republican primaries were won by candidates that were not nominated by the Delaware Republican Party.

So how does the Delaware GOP react? If you go to their offices on Thursday, you will not be able to get literature or signs for O’Donnell or Urquhart. Maybe they need the same speaking to which Karl Rove obviously received behind closed doors…

The Tea Party Movement is teaching many establishment candidates new lessons. “Politics as you know it is dead. We will not accept mediocrity. We will not be a happy medium. We want our standards met or we want you out.” It seems we will get them out. After the leadership has resigned or been voted out, we will rebuild. One thing, however, must be remembered.

Rebuild on principles, not paychecks.


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