Mike Castle write-in campaign may be an effort to reassert establishment GOP

We have all heard that Chris Coons is “masturbating for Delaware” however it looks like Mike Castle is considering something along the same lines.  Rumor has it that Mike Castle is considering a write-in campaign.

A spokesperson for Castle said “A lot of encouragement has come in, nice calls from people in Delaware who want an independent voice.” In fact, Priscilla Rakestraw, Delaware GOP National Committeewoman claims to have fielded “dozens of calls… mostly from Democrats” who want to help organize a Castle write-in campaign.  Rakestraw, who calls herself a “cheerleader” and specializes in “campaign management”, was first elected Delaware Republican National Committeewoman in 1975.  Rakestraw, with her deeply embedded Republican ties, claims “everyone knows of my relationship and loyalty to Mike Castle. I make no secret of that. I might have to make a tough decision.”

Mike Castle will have to make his decision bySeptember 30th, 2010 at 4:30pm.

One wonders if Priscilla Rakestraw and many members of the establishment GOP in Delaware are behind the call for a Mike Castle write-in campaign.

Tom Ross, to date, refuses to endorse Christine O’Donnell although he has grudgingly apologized.

What would the Republican Party have to gain from a Mike Castle write-in campaign?

There have been calls for the resignation of Tom Ross as well as other heads of the Republican Party.  People have said the Republican leadership in Delaware has proven they are no longer on the same page as the people.  If Christine O’Donnell were to lose against Chris Coons than Tom Ross might feel he is able to keep his position in the Delaware GOP.


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