Chris Coons supporters allegedly assault Christine O’Donnell staffers

According to Jason O’Neil:


Several supporters of Chris Coons, the Delaware Democratic U.S. Senate candidate did it again.  As you enter the Glasgow Medical Center on Glasgow Avenue in Bear, DE, Coons supporters started out by holding a peaceful protest.

But, while leading doctors from across the state held a press conference with Christine O’Donnell, two Coons  disrupted the press conference and were asked to leave.  By way of disrupting the press conference which was held in a conference room inside the Glasgow Medical Center, the Coons supporters trespassed on that property since they were not seeking medical care.

It was reported that they were asked to leave, but re-entered the building defying orders from security guards and possibly even Delaware State Police.

One Christine O’Donnell staffer is suffering from a head pain as she was shoved into a wall.  Two other staffers were also shoved, but their injuries are not known at this time.


If this is true, it is doubtful many will report on this considering it may show Chris Coons in an unfavorable light.


3 thoughts on “Chris Coons supporters allegedly assault Christine O’Donnell staffers

  1. This is stupid behavior! Supporters for ANY candidate should know better…I don’t believe Mr. Coons would have appreciated this at all. Grow up!


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