Sordid pasts revealed in Delaware’s treasurer race (Chip Flowers & Colin Bonini)

Chip Flowers has spread the word about his past in what the Delaware Grapevine calls “an un cover up“.  Chip had a press conference a short while ago where he shared the accusations of his past and discussed his plans for the future.  What were the accusations of his past?  Two women have accused him of physical abuse.

Despite Chip’s openness, very few current news articles may be found discussing the trials involved in his past.  According to Celia Cohen (a political writer at the Dover Post) the former editorial page editor of The News Journal, John Taylor (thanks for the correction wordsmith), was a witness regarding one incident in 2006.  Chip had a protection-from-abuse order filed against him by Barbara Vilches-Cruz in 2004 and a warrant sworn in for his arrest by Janice Johnson in 2006 as she claimed “he hit her and smashed her cell phone”.

Delaware Liberal points out that Chip was found not guilty to the following story based on a lack of evidence.  Regardless, Barbara Vilches-Cruz described the following scene in her sworn statement in the Family Court document:

“I pushed past him and ran down the stairs. Chipman Flowers grabbed my legs and attempted to pull me back up the stairs. I held onto the railing and yelled for help. Chipman climbed on top of me and began punching my face and beating my head, telling me that I’d better be quiet because he was not going to allow me to ruin his political career. Chipman Flowers pinned me down, slammed my head into the stairs, bit me repeatedly on my breasts, legs and arms. Chipman also scratched me up and down my body. I truly feared he would kill me because of how hard he was hitting me. He made me promise not to leave the house if he got off of me. I eventually did.”

Colin Bonini, the Republican candidate for state treasurer, stated the following regarding Chip’s past:

“We focused on the double-dipping and not on the issue with women, although I must say I find the allegations against him icky and concerning. There are 900,000 people in Delaware,” he said. “Most of them haven’t had a protection order against them from one woman and assault charges against them from another.”

When Colin spoke about “double-dipping” he was referring to the fact that Chip isn’t planning to stop working at his law firm if elected.

Chip points to Colin’s own past (which isn’t perfect).  According to The News Journal:

Bonini’s blemish is a federal tax lien from the 2003 tax year. He was working for an engineering company, first as a salaried employee, then as an independent contractor. That change led to the tax problems. Bonini said he was still paying quarterly estimated taxes, but was stunned when he got a tax bill from the IRS for $18,000.

“I didn’t think and still don’t think it was nearly that much,” he said. “I called my attorney. He told me two things. One was that I called him way too late. The other was I’m a state senator, and I better just pay it, so I did.”

He estimates the IRS bill was paid in full within 30 days of the lien being placed on his house.

“It was awful, but I have no doubt that it made me a better senator and will make me a better treasurer,” Bonini said. “It gave me a sense of how powerless people can feel when they have to go up against an inhuman government agency.”


2 thoughts on “Sordid pasts revealed in Delaware’s treasurer race (Chip Flowers & Colin Bonini)

  1. What’s sordid about this, Angel, is the willingness of some people in the media to spread unproven statements and outright lies. Look at yourself.
    You write that Chip “was found not guilty … based on a lack of evidence.” And then you jump right in and say “Regardless,” and start quoting from this woman’s unsubstantiated statement.
    Bottom line here, and in the other case, is real simple: Insufficient evidence and NOT GUILTY.
    And, by the way, it’s John Taylor, not John Tate, and if you’re going to try to mention his name, why don’t you borrow the quote from the News Journal story. “It didn’t happen, and that’s what we testified to…. He didn’t do what she alleged he did.”
    When you get past the lies and get to the truth, then what do you have: Colin Bonini who had the IRS put a lien on his house because he owed more than $20,000 in back taxes. And did you see his blather: “the experience made me a better senator and will make me a better treasurer.” It’s a theme he borrowed from his partner on the teabag ticket, Christine O’Donnell. Remember how not paying her college bills and having her house up for foreclosure is going to make her a better senator.
    Anyone who believes such rubbish deserves the lousy elected officials they get.


    • Wait a minute, I publish that Chip was found not guilty and then published Colin’s tax issues using the EXACT wording from The News Journal and you’re angry? Is it that I had the nerve to add an unproven yet sworn statement that was already published in other places? Maybe you prefer not having the information out there, but if Chip felt the same way why would he talk about it in a press release last week?

      This is all public record. Thanks for the spelling fix though, that’s appreciated.


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