Voter Scorecards (thanks to DFPC) are out!

The Delaware Family Policy Council has officially released their 2010 Voter Scorecard.  I know what you all are thinking, and I will clear the air right now.  I am not a “card-carrying member” of the DFPC, but they have done a lot of hard work to ensure voters are informed and aware for this election.  The least I can do is share their information with you.

Here’s how this works.  The DFPC sent all federal candidates the following 8 questions:


1. Eliminate tax payer funded abortions?

2. ENDA: Employment Non-Discrimination Act which makes sexual preference/self-identified transgender, bisexuals and homosexuals as well as gender express, a protected class. This bill positions religious liberties against sexual liberty, making deeply held religious beliefs about the issue to be discriminatory. Protect religious liberties from threat created by ENDA?

3. Fund abstinence education?

4. Support the Defense of Marriage Act?

5. Repeal the Health Care Reform Bill?

6. Support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

7. Support the ban on internet gambling?

8. Support the Parental Rights Amendment?


Considering the group supports “pro-family” stances, and based on reading the questions, I would think a “pro-family” answer on each of the aforementioned questions is a yes.


In the U.S. Senate race the following DFPC grades were given:

Christine O’Donnell – A (“pro-family position” for all 8 questions)

Chris Coons – F (“anti-family position” for 4 questions and unknown for 4 questions)

Glenn Miller – B (“pro family position” for 5 questions and “anti-family position for 3)

Jim Rash – refused to answer


In the U.S. Congress race the following DFPC grades were given:

Glen Urquhart – A (all 8 “pro-family”)

John Carney – F (2 “anti-family” and 6 unknown)

Earl Lofland – B (4 “pro-family,” 1 “anti-family,” and 3 unknown)

Brent Wangen – C (4 “pro-family,” 3 “anti-family,” and 1 unknown)

Jeffrey Brown – refused to answer


The 11 state/local questions asked candidates were as follows:


1. Freedom from Federal Health Care Reform insurance mandates?

2. Protecting families from “gender identity or expression” legislation which threatens religious liberties and allows men access to public accommodations assigned to women?

3. Defining marriage as being between one Man and one Woman in Delaware’s Constitution?

4. Rejects the anti-family position that one man, one woman marriage is discriminatory?

5. Parents’ have the right to know what is being taught in the classroom & to opt their child out?

6. Protect families from new gambling locations?

7. Support the right to have a deeply held religious belief about marriage without threat of liability?

8. Eliminating Sports betting and table games?

9. Freedom of speech for educators, counselors and prayer vigil attendees near abortion clinics?

10. Eliminating abortion funding in Delaware?

11. Equality in funding and access for private school students seeking driver’s education?


To find how your candidates answered the questions as well as explanations to the federal candidates answers visit the Voter Scorecard yourself at this website.



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