No Glen Urquhart, John Carney is NOT scared…

Glen Urquhart sent out a press release today, one calling John Carney “afraid to debate”.  I have to call a foul on this comment.

Glen’s press release includes quotes from Glen’s own “Political Director”, Brad White.  Brad states “This just proves what some of us have known for quite some time, that Carney lacks substance.  Glen defeated him on the issues in every debate thus far.  If he were my candidate I wouldn’t have him get schooled by Urquhart any more either”.  White goes on to discuss his opinion that “Carney proved himself far inferior when it comes to the specifics of the issues”.

I am refraining from endorsing candidates, but many of you may read between the lines and guess (most likely correctly) who I will be voting for in this race.  Regardless of that fact, I have to say this press release is wrong.

No matter what your opinion is regarding the debate outcomes, I highly doubt John Carney is refusing to debate out of fear.  I would chalk this up to simple time management.

Glen and John’s political platforms are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  Either you like the recent healthcare bill or you don’t.  Either you agree with government funded abortions or you don’t.  *by the way, I have a correction here.  John Carney is not for the federal funding of abortions, but he is pro-choice.  This makes the distinction between pro-life and pro-choice (and leave the federal funding out of it for now)* John Carney is simply dealing with the fact that the election is less than a week away.  There is no point in debating anymore.

The stances in this race are clear; the lines have been drawn in the sand.  At this point there should be plenty of audio and video for either candidate to use as ammunition, but I would hesitate to call an opponent a coward because they think they have shown people enough of their true character for voters to make an informed choice.


3 thoughts on “No Glen Urquhart, John Carney is NOT scared…

  1. You have a point, but let me give a different side. John Carney refused the only statewide TV network. He refused every downstate station asking for a debate. He refused downstate debates completely leaving out Kent County. He went to one debate in Sussex County that was in Rehoboth but ironically the date was changed to one where Glen Urquhart who was first to accept the original date, couldn’t make it.

    Afraid may be poltiical theater, that gets your attention. The cold hard fact is that John Carney is trying to win by dissing part of the state. Is that fear or disrespect? You can choose.


  2. Have you been getting really annoying text messages from GOP Candidates? I REALLY want to know where they got my number. I’d also like to know who I should send my cell phone bill to so that they can pay for these unwanted texts.


    • Jason,

      Can you email me those texts? Are you a registered Republican? Since I’m a Democrat the GOP tends to leave me alone.


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