Is Christine a Cougar or is Dustin Dominiak a Douche? NOW angered women speak

One midnight gone and it seems we are even deeper into the woods than we expected.

Naturally, I am referring to the story (which I will not be linking) which basically calls Christine O’Donnell a cougar and discusses a story with very little proof.  The Gawker does have pictures of Christine in a Halloween costume (although the seeming consensus of the story is that the roommate of the story’s “author” dated Christine for a year, so one may consider the pictures as coming from that experience).  I will add that the Drudge Report shares pictures of the story’s author and pictures of the man Christine reportedly dated.  If you know Dustin Dominiak, feel free to call him sexually explicit names and question the last time he waxed.

Let’s take a minute and analyze what this piece has accomplished.  We are four days until the 2010 elections.  This piece looks suspiciously like a plant (and Christine makes a great ladybug).  NOW (the National Organization for Women) “condemned the tabloid website Gawker for publishing an anonymous account: NOW issued a statement late Thursday stating that “sexist, misogynist attacks against women have no place in the electoral process, regardless of a particular candidate’s political ideology.”

Even the Huffington Post admits this story crosses a line “Are we really going to get into a public debate about private dating behavior, and whether or not one sticks to a standard on a consistent basis?”

Dave Poff (the lovable Haystack) beat me to the punch as he thanks Democrat ambition for giving the win to O’Donnell in Delaware.  He states that “Hell hath no fury” and I doubt that he knows the half of it, however he does rightly point to the fact that many women are planning on not voting after this debacle.  Just look at Meghan McCain, who has gone on the record making negative statements about Christine in the past.  Meghan tweeted “I am no fan of O’Donnell but what gawker has done is disgusting and vile and once again not showcasing the real issues in this election.”

Jeff Bercovici spoke to the editor of the Gawker yesterday, Remy Stern, and quotes him as saying the following:

“We verified any of the facts he provided us with to feel really comfortable that this was all legit. We confirmed the addresses he gave us and matched the photos to make sure the guy with O’Donnell was the same guy we were talking to. We also confirmed the photos were taken on Halloween 2007 as he told us they were. We also confirmed that he lived with his roommate [who, as the story relates, ended up dating O’Donnell after the incident in question].”

Although there are no details as to how the date of the images was verified.

I am just curious as to how anyone justifies the low blows and narration the “author” of the story makes consistently throughout this story.

Here’s a note for “whomever” wrote this story *cough* Dustin Dominiak *cough* that your comments are horrific.  You are a prime example of sexual harassment and the degradation of women.  This is a small state Dustin, good luck finding a woman to ever spend time with you again (or at least for the next year).



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