Christine O’Donnell TV special – doesn’t air, programming error? You decide POLL & VID

Christine O’Donnell was scheduled to have a 24 minute television special air last night and today.  Her campaign team sent out numerous emails last night and today prepping us to watch her reception by the people of Delaware.

“With Christine surging in the polls, the O’Donnell campaign is taking its case straight to voters by airing a half-hour TV feature on Delaware cable channel 28 and WBOC-TV.”

Expecting to see 24 minutes of Christine on the issues, many people tuned in last night and this morning to Delaware cable channel 28 (and a later schedule for WBOC was to be announced).  There was a “programing error” however.  Interestingly enough, her show has yet to air.

Combining this with the obvious slander and biased of Ginger Gibson (writer for The News Journal) who actually had to print a retraction on Thursday, makes people start to wonder.  The piece written by Ginger was a large rant, published in one of Delaware’s few state-wide newspapers.  The retraction, however, was this:

Fun, small, and hidden in the local section if you didn’t know what you were looking for it may have passed you by.

I’ll leave this up to you to decide.  Is Delaware media running a campaign against Christine O’Donnell?  I, however, AM sharing Christine’s video.  Get it out, as other people will not.

Watch her video here and VOTE to let Delaware’s mainstream media know how you feel.  I REALLY doubt they’ll be asking you this question.

Expect much more from me in the next 24 hours.  It’s the last midnight after all.


7 thoughts on “Christine O’Donnell TV special – doesn’t air, programming error? You decide POLL & VID

  1. Excellent. I’m going to link this in my post on the subject. Thanks for the heads up on the Medicare correction,which you analyzed perfectly.

    We have to get this video out. Obviously people need to tweet it, facebook it, and e-mail it, but don’t forget google-bombing!


  2. Christine has got to have a spine of steel. Between the left wing media continually hammering her and her own party practically abandoning her it is pathetic as to how she has been treated. Why anyone can’t see what is happening here is beyond me. I hope to God Delaware voters will wake up and see the light before tomorrow morning. Failing to remember to show her video on 2 occasions wasn’t a mistake,,,,,,it was intentional. She has solid values and morals and a firm conservative potlitical platform. Let’s do what is right and send this gal to Washington to represent us!!!!!


  3. Feel free to visit:
    Positive Promotions Studios:
    23 Peddler’s Row
    Christiana, De 19702
    Phone: 302-292-3994
    Fax: 302-292-3996

    Let Tim Qualls know that you don’t appreciate his company failing to remember to play a PAID ad.


  4. I believe that Christine is in it for herself and I do not trust her. She does not have a job and is looking for a job where she can meet special interest people.


  5. People you can knock O’Donnell all you want but if your satisfied with whats going on in Washington. Its about time you pulled your head out of the sand and wakeup. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being led around like a bunch of cattle and taking more and more of my money. Enough is enough! Go Christine!


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