Tom Wagner, Richard Korn, & the 9/12 Delaware Patriots – An awkward triangle: statements from all sides here

“Hi, I am a Republican and a 9/12 Patriot and I am supporting …”

Oh, wait, no.  That’s so wrong.  The 9/12 DELAWARE Patriots have not endorsed anyone.  They have announced that they are supporting “platforms” of particular candidates, but no actual people.

Imagine the surprise of 9/12 Delaware Patriot Executive Board Member Alex Garcia when he received a “robo-call” at about 9:10 last night telling him that a group which sounded surprisingly like the one he is on the board of fully supports and endorses Richard Korn, the Democrat running for State Auditor.  In fact, when Alex contacted the Department of Elections, some of their own employees had received the very same call.

The first response on the 9/12 Delaware Patriots upon confirmation of the “robo-calls?”  They contacted local media and sent out an email to their members.  The 9/12 Delaware Patriots state the following in their email:

Richard Korn IS NOT endorsed by the 9-12 Delaware Patriots

We have received an email from a member saying that someone is calling on behalf of Richard Korn stating that the 9-12 Delaware Patriots endorse him as State Auditor and to vote for him. Alex Garcia, an Executive Board Member of the 9-12 Delaware Patriots, then received a similiar call with a similiar message.


Just as he has lied about Tom Wagner, the current State Auditor not auditing school districts, (see link below) he is now lying about being supported by the 9-12 Delaware Patriots.

If you take the time to explore the link, the comments are quite possible the best part.

Richard Korn, who has spoken at one 9/12 Delaware Patriots meeting, apparently also subscribes to the 9/12 Delaware Patriots email list.  I contacted Mr. Korn regarding the “robo-calls” to get his statement.  He stated that he had emailed a response to the contact he had for the 9/12 Delaware Patriots and kindly forwarded me the email.  His response is below:

Please know that I also received a telephone call from someone, claiming to be a Republican and a member of “Delaware Patriots,” endorsing me for State Auditor.  The call I received said that the individual was endorsing me. It did not say that “Delaware Patriots” nor the “9-12 Patriots” was endorsing me and I have NEVER represented that I am “Endorsed” and / or “…being supported by the 9-12 Delaware Patriots.”

I do not know who made this call. However, in this 11th hour of the campaign, I have my suspicions where this call originated from.

Further and for clarification, I have NEVER LIED about Tom Wagner not auditing school districts. It is a fact that since 2000 the local district tax funds haveNOT been audited pursuant to the mandate of Title 29, Sec, 2906 (f) of the Delaware State Code.

Thank you and I trust you will disseminate and / or post my response to the email below.

Mr. Korn also confessed to me that he was not expecting the “robo-calls” and was not behind them.  “I don’t play those games, I don’t do that”.  He discussed the distinction between the school auditing code which has been the source of so many people joking at his expense.  “You have to obey the law”.

I also contacted Tom Wagner, the Republican incumbent for this office.  Tom Wagner stated the following:

“I think it’s unfortunate that the state Auditor’s race has stooped to this level.  My opponent has resorted to a slew of untruths.  I remain optimistic that the voters of Delaware will see the truth.  There is only one person who would have any foreseeable benefit from a call like this, Richard Korn.  I have been the only state-wide candidate to keep my race and ads positive.”  Almost as an afterthought Mr. Wagner added “to think that Mr. Korn would even suggest that he has an idea where this call may have originated as if to imply that I would have anything to do with it is just an example of more untruths.”


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