Delaware GOP faces backlash – “Chaos” in Sussex over Christine O’Donnell

Accusations are flying around in Sussex County in regards to Tom Ross and the Delaware GOP.  Judson Bennett is calling the Sussex GOP meeting last night “chaos” while others are claiming respect was shown but it was “heated”.  So what exactly happened?

Last night a resolution was presented to Ron Sams which was as follows:

” Mr. Chairman,

I make a motion to censure State GOP Chairman, Tom Ross for making inappropriate statements and failing to immediately endorse and fully support a lawfully elected republican candidate for the US Senate. Inappropriate statements include, ” she couldn’t be elected dog catcher,” when speaking about US Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell. Tom Ross fails to represent the will of the rank and file republicans in Delaware.”


Don Ayotte claims Ron Sams (the Sussex County GOP chair) knew this resolution was to be presented; Ron then attempted to bypass the “New Business” section of the evening so the resolution would not be voted on.  Ron Sams claims he was simply not given enough time to get to the “New Business” part of the agenda before people began clamoring for this resolution to be presented.

“The people’s choice won the primary, but the people have no say in holding the GOP chair in check”.  A vote of the crowd was taken at the Sussex GOP meeting.  The people claim Tom Ross doesn’t speak for them.  The people have spoken.  Over 100,000 people voted for Christine O’Donnell (who, according to Tom Ross, couldn’t be elected dog catcher).  Christine may not have won the election, but she did win the primary, proving she could at least beat the infamous Mike Castle.

Judson Bennett claims the vote was not valid regardless as there must be 50 committee members available to vote and only 31 were present.  This vote to censure Tom Ross is not legally binding; however, it seems the people are paying attention.  Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips called for the vote to take place at the next meeting with 50 committee members present.  What else did Vance Phillips say about the Sussex County GOP meeting last night?

“If the energy at last night’s GOP meeting can be engaged through effective leadership, clear vision and a sustainable plan, the new conservative Republican party will start to win statewide elections beginning in 2012.  If the old guard attempts to manipulate the Republican masses, they do so at their own political peril, forever being remembered as the has-beens who permanently divided the Delaware Republican Party.

I applaud the initiative to put forth the resolution.  I am proud of the 95% of the people in the room who supported it.  I am embarrassed by tape-recording extremist who flail and disrupt an otherwise logical discussion about asserting a collective vote of no-confidence in current leadership.

I am disappointed the Sussex Chairman did not recognize the representative of the Christine O’Donnell campaign while candidates were being given time to thank the group for their hard work during the election.  This concerns me greatly as it, along with the blatant and biased stonewalling of a resolution that had the overwhelming support of the committee and Republicans in attendance, indicates that even on the local level leadership still doesn’t get it.  “

Frank Knotts says “Some may see this as division among the GOP. I see it as a coming together of conservatives.”  Maria Evans, whom Frank Knotts accused of “Big Brother tactics” claims that after Christine O’Donnell won the primary, Tom Ross’s rhetoric stopped.  Maria Evans recorded the meeting in question and has yet to publish that recording (although she may now as people are personally requesting her to do so).

Here is a question many may not be asking.  When Tom Ross made his rude comments regarding Christine O’Donnell, was he doing so as Delaware GOP chair or was he doing so in a more personal capacity? Are the man and the office one and the same?

Judson Bennett claims “Regardless, without compromise, with this “take no prisoners”, vitriolic attitude, the Delaware GOP will not rebuild, will not heal, and will continue to lose elections.”

This writer tends to agree.  The People have spoken.  With the Delaware GOP ignoring the vote of many of its registered voters, it may never fully recover.  Although many are blaming Tom Ross and the Delaware GOP for Christine O’Donnell’s loss, this may not be the case.  Christine’s spotted past is not Tom Ross’s fault.  Tom Ross’s statements, however, he should be held responsible for.



One thought on “Delaware GOP faces backlash – “Chaos” in Sussex over Christine O’Donnell

  1. Today, Decenber First, I came across your site. I LIKE it!
    Chris was stabbed in the back. I WANT her to continue and hope she does so. Write a book (Putting it on paper helps), then start over.

    Angel, this is Great. Thanks for your efforts. Wally


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