The Edge of the World? Yeah, I fell off it…

I have been enjoying my time away from politics, but I believe that it is nearing an end.  Last night I started checking my email, I am down to only about 700 left.  A lot of those left are newsletters (the easiest way to keep up with daily news is to have it emailed to you), but if you sent me a letter I will try and respond within the next few days.

So, what have I been doing (other then work of course)?  I have been living like a “normal” person, watching TV and playing video games.  I have to say, once I got caught up on all my shows, it really was over-rated.  Project Free TV is a great resource for people who don’t have cable.  If you go on a show watching binge, however, I recommend using the “Zshare” links (megavid you can only watch about 70 minutes of it before they ask for money).

How was my Thanksgiving? I skipped it.  Instead I stayed home and played a new video game which I just bought.  Civilization V promises to be very time consuming…

What is it that I am getting at? Yes, I fell off the Edge of the World, but it was on purpose.

I will be back most likely within a few weeks.  OK, who am I kidding? I’ll probably only last a few more days living a “normal” life.  Blissfully unaware only works if you are truly unaware.



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