A reflection on the politics and the past… (how to respond to “I don’t DO politics”)

Today I ran into someone who knew me from high school.  When I say that she knew me, I mean just that.  Sadly, I had no recollection of who she was, whether we had classes together, or anything along those lines.  She started talking to me about what she had done in the last 15 years (I was only at her school for a year) and was practically crowing her achievements to me.

It seems my old classmate has moved to California and directs/produces (in her own words) TV commercials.  She had a picture of her with Mike Rowe to prove this to me.  When I asked her who Mike Rowe was she looked at me with shock and horror.

As many of you probably know, Mike Rowe is the host of the Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs”  

 I will add that Mike Rowe does a great job doing some of the nastiest things you could ever imagine.

She asked me what I have been “up to” and I gave the easy answer.  “Life, family, politics, school” in that order.  Naturally, “life” is the fact that I wake up every morning. “Family” consists of my husband, my cat, and my biological family. “Politics” requires more attention.  My old high school friend (whom I didn’t remember) proceeded to tell me that she “didn’t do politics”.

I can honestly say that I laughed out loud.

“You may not do politics, but they certainly do you”.


I had this same conversation with a local talk radio host.  We were discussing my possibilities of hosting my own radio show when I mentioned that everything was tied into politics.  He laughed at me and said “so you would consider my own show political?”

Although people may attempt to ignore politics they are forced to deal with politics constantly throughout their lives.  If the people chose not to acknowledge this fact, it simply gives the politician more power.

Taxes? Can any person claim that the amount of taxes we pay have nothing to do with politics?

Speed limits? That’s right, when you are simply driving down the street that speed you must obey is due to politics.  Mass minds came together and decided what the proper speed was on that road.

Smoking? Yes, any public place in Delaware (and many other states) is “smoke-free” because a politician decided a bar owner could not make the decision regarding their own property without input from the government.

Money in your wallet? TOTALLY! Politicians decided to take the United States currency off the gold standard.   How much “bang” you get for your buck, or vice versa, is thanks to our elected officials.


I could go on and on.


Instead of explaining this to my high school friend (who was not really a friend), I just smiled.  I like knowing that what I do touches lives all over our great state and country (and although that talk radio host may think he is politics free, we all know this to be otherwise) and my opinions matter.  My reflections today made me think of a particular symbol.

(I added this picture because I googled “reflection” images and thought it was pretty).


Have any of you heard of “ouroboros”? I first heard of this concept in a TV show I grew up watching (Red Dwarf) which is decidedly strange yet full of giggles.  “Ouroboros” is, it turns out, the ancient symbol of infinity.

What am I implying here?

Anywhere you go, anything you do, it has all been touch upon by politics.  Politics is infinity.  The future will always be affected by the past, just as the past will always be affected by hopes for the future.

My friend may be pleased with having met Mike Rowe.  I would much rather meet Ron Paul.


On the bright side, my computer is expected back within the next few days.  It has been restored to the factory default and much of the hardware has been replaced, but she will be home (hopefully for good).  You will then hear much more from me.  This may anger some of you, delight others, and some of you will not care.  Either way, I am like the symbol I reflected upon earlier.  Although I may cause myself pain, I will continue to bite.



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