Should newspapers print out the N-word? One local paper certainly thinks so!

As a child, my parents took a vested interest in my education.  My father still quaintly gets the newspaper delivered to his house every day (fun side fact, he always checks the obituaries first, and has done so for as long as I can remember).  Once I reached middle school, my father and I would share the newspaper every day.  I would read a section and later he would read the same section and question me on what I remembered.  This was an easy way to work on comprehension as well as to maintain an interest in current events.  If my father and I were still reading the newspaper together, he would be making phone calls and writing letters today.  Why? A Sussex County newspaper, the Cape Gazette, printed out a derogatory word in their Tuesday, January 11, 2011 edition.

The Cape Gazette, in an article written by Henry J. Evans Jr., printed out the N-word.  We all know what the N-word is without my spelling it out, yet for some reason the Cape Gazette felt it was necessary to print out the full word not once, but twice.  Perhaps the writer felt he was being cutting edge, or he deemed it appropriate as it was a quote, but one wonders if the point could not have been made without printing out a graphic, derogatory word.  Some children may read the newspaper so perhaps an advisory may have been welcome.

When reading a local newspaper such words are not common and not always appreciated (regardless of context).

The image below is the pretext in which the N-word was written.  Instead of saying more, this writer will leave you to your own decisions as to whether this an appropriate usage of such a negative word or is, perhaps, another avenue may have been taken by Henry J. Evans Jr. and by default the Cape Gazette.  This writer, however, will never publish that word, so image has been edited.

Please note – the lack of links to the newspaper’s website is intentional.


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