House Bill 11: a quick update before the vote

Have you ever felt that you fit in numerous political areas?  Maybe you are a Democrat but also feel that you are a member of the Green Party in many aspects.  Maybe you are a registered Republican but agree with the Libertarians regarding many issues.  Maybe you are like me and feel like you should create your own party because you are not sure where you fit in.

Is there a compromise somewhere in the middle?

At the end of the day today, there may not be, but yesterday there were plenty of chances.  Why?  What happens today?

On the schedule for the Delaware House agenda today is HB 11, an act to amend Title 15 of the Delaware code relating to elections.  What part of Delaware code needs reforming when it comes to elections?  According to numerous state representatives, the fact that Delaware is one of eight states that currently allow fusion candidates is a problem.

This writer has discussed fusion candidates before although in 1997 the U.S. Supreme Court decided by 6-3 in Timmons v. Twin Cities Area New Party that fusion is not a constitutionally protected civil right.  Delaware has been included on the list of states that allow fusion candidacy although during the 2010 election cycle third parties upset the two major parties in Delaware by attempting to become fusion candidates and end up on the ballot.

Why is this legislation on the agenda for today?  It may have something to do with Brent Wangen and his attempts during the last election cycle.

Instead of stating reasons for or against this legislation this writer asks you to decide whether you find yourself associating with more than one party.  Fusion candidacy allows a voter to easily see which party (normally third parties) associates with candidates.  It is not uncommon for a third party to nominate a major party candidate, not just Republicans and Democrats.  These third parties normally let their voters know which aspects of the major party candidate’s platform they associate with accordingly.

Do you see a problem with this association if the candidates themselves do not?

This is to be voted on today.  Please contact your Representative and ask them to vote accordingly.




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