FreedomConnector: The pros and cons of a new toy by FreedomWorks

Technological advances keep many of us on our toes.  It becomes difficult to maintain profiles on numerous social networking pages (I am personally on over 40 different social networking sites).  So, why should we add another?  Is there another that is even worth joining?  FreedomConnector is one I have taken the time to join for a few key reasons.

The website itself is set-up like a Ning network, or even like MySpace, but the highlight of FreedomConnector for me is the geo-targeting.  That’s right, you put in your location and you can find all the other activists near you.  With one click of a button, you can easily see events near you as well as find out who is actually active in your area.  With the fast login, you can connect with your Face Book and Twitter accounts allowing your images to be transferred.  I hope that you will eventually be able to allow your status updates from Face Book and your Tweets from Twitter to carry over to FreedomConnector as well (that is my only real complaint).

So, is it worth it to sign up for another site when there are so many already available?  I think the geo-targeting makes it worth it just for a start.  But what else does FreedomConnector have to offer?

I like keeping up to date with the people who keep the Tea Party Movement alive and active.  I know many of us do this on a local level, but many of the people on FreedomConnector do this on the national level.  FreedomWorks did us a great service by creating this site, which allows me to follow the activists in regions that interest me.  If you are interested in a group or representative, you can easily follow their area and see what the Tea Party activists are brewing.

CPAC is set to be the official release of FreedomConnector, but you can sign up now!  Personally, free sites that allow me exclusive and fast updates to the people who affect our national news are always worth the time to sign up!  Make sure you find me on there when you join, just look for Angel Clark in Delaware!


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